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Professional Etiquette- How to Dress Up For A Job Interview

It is said that “dress how you want to be addressed,” and so, when you want respect from the sections of the society, you must be dressed well for it. A proper dressing sense is all it takes to get along well on every occasion. The first impression may not always be the last impression but it definitely put up a strong impression upon the onlookers. There must be intellect dressing rules for every occasion that people must follow to leave a better impact on other people’s minds. From personal partying moments to workplace routines, there are a few types of dress codes that are followed by people worldwide. If you don’t dress in a proper manner, chances are high that you might not be able to impress your other contemporaries. From choosing highly glamoured dresses for wedding occasions to keeping it low for fun parties with friends, from attending a funeral to sleeping at night, people have the sense of dressing ready for every important and not-so-important occasion as well. When it comes to attending private occasions, one can choose a dress according to his or her choice but when it comes to dressing for professional reasons then the idea of dressing sees many colors amongst the professionals.

Here are the top few things to keep in mind while dressing up for a job interview for both male and female candidates:

Keep your position on the mind– there are tons of job roles available for both the genders worldwide and so you must keep in mind the position you are called for, in an interview and choose a dress accordingly. A software engineer cannot wear a Kurta-pajama to an interview but a writer can, similarly, a teacher cannot wear fitted jeans and t-shirts to interviews but tech-support professionals can. So the primary focus remains on the designation you will be chosen for.

Formals are not the necessity anymore in some cases– the stigma attached to being dressed formally in job interviews is fading away slowly. Instead, the top officials are preferring people with a casual yet intelligent approach towards working in their companies. So both men women can dress informally but in a dignified manner.

Choose colors wisely– wearing vibrant and loud colors to interviews might not always be the best option even if you look good in them. Often its the simple and soft colors that are preferred at workplaces and wearing them to such interviews can bring out a positive result in the candidate’s selection for the role applied for. Black, white, light blue are some colors that are never out of fashion and look sober too.

Be neat and clean– even if you are wearing a dress with a high price tag and it’s not properly cleaned, then the whole effort is wasted. So the idea is to wear outfits which are neat and clean, properly ironed and carries an elegant charm within itself that it makes you look enigmatic as well.

Take care of the smallest of things– dressing properly does not define wearing only a shirt and pant or a Salwar suit in case of girls. A proper dress code is complemented by everything you put up on your whole body from top to toe. The hairdo should look attractive, the socks you wear are noticed as well, the tie you use must not be very shiny, the shoes must not be very flashy- every minute details of your look must be well taken care of, for job interviews of any kind.

Jobs aren’t easy to get these days, moreover if you are not overly qualified or overly experienced. The big giants in the employment industries think like they are not hiring a human but a robot who does everything perfectly. There are many cases reported by the Human Resources department of several companies that they rejected quite a few applicants due to their improper dressing sense during the interview session. There is a certain professional etiquette that a candidate must follow to impress the panel of interviewers. This applies majorly to freshers in any category who looks up to take a job. Of course, the one who has talent does not need a ‘dress to impress’ but it plays a major role in building the reputation of an individual in his or her workplace. Sometimes not following the dress code in some corporate offices costs the employees their job. It is not only limited to the employees of the corporate world to dress appropriately but applies to every single human in the world. From a school going kid to the army officers, everyone has a designated dress code for their purpose and that is followed enthusiastically worldwide to maintain a discipline amongst the people. Dressing properly also boost up the self-confidence within a person as it’s said popularly “the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”

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