5G For Laptops - Is 5G For Your Laptop?

What exactly does 5G mean for laptops? How much faster is 5G laptops than 4G? And what are the drawbacks? Here’s our quick guide to the topic. Before you decide whether 5G is for your laptop, you need to know the facts. Basically, 5G is a type of wireless connection that is faster than 4G. But does that mean that […]

WhatsApp Introduces New Feature That Lets Users Create Avatars and Share Them As Stickers

Animoji, the emoji-like characters, are becoming increasingly popular on the messaging app, but what about custom avatars? WhatsApp is looking into this possibility and will be introducing a feature that lets users create and share avatars during video calls. The avatars would be similar to Bitmoji or Memoji and will be available to use during video calls. Animoji Whatsapp introduces […]