Tableau: The Global Standard for Consultancy Analytics in the business

The process of doing data analysis may be extremely difficult, but at its core, it includes deriving conclusions from databases that are informative and have significant practical importance for businesses. Over the course of time, data analytics has progressed from the practice of doing a straightforward study of what has previously occurred using Excel to more complex analytics, which makes […]

Hiring Slowing Down In the UK As Recession Looms

A report from KPMG shows UK hiring has slowed down, indicating the economy is losing momentum and recruiters are becoming more hesitant about hiring new staff. The slowdown is also attributed to ongoing skills shortages. Inflation has reached a 40-year high but is expected to fall back to 2% in two years, according to the Bank of England. The news […]

What Are Interest Rates And How High Do You Think They Can Go?

Before you get spooked by the possibility of higher interest rates, you should understand the basics of the different types of interest rates. There are several types, including the Fed funds rate, the Money market rate, the Soft, and the Bank rate. The differences between each rate are important because they affect the affordability of loans, risk of default, and […]

Amazon Has Sued Over 10,000 Facebook Group Admins Over Fake Reviews

Amazon is no stranger to lawsuits, and its latest target is Facebook group admins. The company has filed lawsuits against over 10,000 people for posting fake reviews in groups dedicated to Amazon products. This article will explore the reasons behind the lawsuit and what it could mean for the future of online product reviews. Over 10,000 Facebook Group Admins Sued […]

The Indian Rupee Slips 9 Paise To 77.17 Against US Dollar

The Indian rupee has made fresh lows against the US dollar, falling 9 paise to 77.17, after the Federal Reserve signaled more rate hikes. It has also slipped into a narrow range, which makes it vulnerable to further depreciation. The central bank has increased its benchmark interest rates, in a bid to combat rising inflation. India’s Rupee Falls To Fresh […]