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Process of cool sculpting and tips to get the most out of it.

Cool sculpting flanks

Cool sculpting is a cold-assisted, non-surgical and non-invasive lipolysis to contour and shape the body. This results in a slimmer-looking physique. The FDA has approved it. It is a targeted fat reduction method. Cool sculpting flanks, abdomen, thighs, etc are the latest techniques to get a slim looking body. 

Cool sculpting is a systematic process which is performed under the supervision of a specialized trainer. Anybody willing to go for might be eager to know it’s processed, to make up his/her to take the treatment or not. Then let’s have a glance at the process:

Step 1- Physical examination of the individual to determine if he/she is sensitive to cold or not. Also, the service provider will try to find out what allergies, illnesses the service seeker suffers from.

Step 2- If found to be fit, then they are allowed to undergo the treatment.

Step 3- The service provider puts a cold gel pad on the targeted area. 

Step 4- Then, an applicator is placed on the body bulge to be treated with the cold application. An applicator is a device that looks similar to the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. It is a handheld device. 

Step 5- The temperature is adjusted according to the patient’s tolerance.

Step 6- The applicator is then moved up and down on the specific body part. This brings a motion in the fat cells causing them to break and get flushed out of the body. There might be a slight tingling in the treated area for a few hours or days but is not harmful.

Step 7- A massage is then given to target the deep-seated fat cells. This amps the fat reduction process by 65%.

The service seeker can keep himself or herself busy in any task like reading, listening to music, sending emails, etc. 


  • After treatment, there might be a tingling sensation, redness, bruising, tenderness, cramping or slight pain in the treated region of the body. 
  • With just three weeks of treatment, you can see that bulges have started disappearing. 

Tips for people planning for coolsculpting

  • Before you go for cool sculpting, you must gain knowledge of what it is and what are its pros and cons.
  • If you are obese or highly overweight, then don’t go for it. As the results won’t be satisfactory
  • Do not opt for cool sculpting if you are sensitive to cold temperatures.
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medicines before treatment, as it might result in bruising.
  • Some redness, soreness, bruising is expected to take place. Don’t be afraid of it. It will subside in a few days.
  • Stay in touch with your service provider and let them know about any symptoms occurring after the treatment session/s.
  • Do not wear tight fitted clothes after treatment. As there would be swelling in the body and wearing tight clothes might make you uncomfortable.
  • Fat reduction can only take place if you follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Balanced diet and exercise are quintessential to get results.
  • As the fat cells get flushed out of the body, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. 
  • Take proper rest to help the process of recovery.
  • Be patient, its a slow process.
  • Follow up with your cool sculpting service provider. This will amplify the results.
  • Make this fat loss journey exciting and encouraging by keeping a record of the results achieved week after week.
  • People with the following disorders should keep away from this fat reduction method: 
  • Cryoglobulinemia
  • Cold agglutinin disease
  • Other skin disorders.


One of the latest techniques to reduce fat is cool sculpting, which freezes the fat cells, destroys them and flushes them naturally out of the body. This technique is better than any other painful and time taking one. A drastic change is seen when people go for cool sculpting of flanks, abdomen, thighs, tummy, or any other bulging area of the body.

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