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8 Amazing Facts About HIIT Workouts

There are many different types of workouts for different types of people. Some prefer workout sessions that are basic and easy to perform; exercise routines that don’t put a strain on their bodies. But some people want to get the max out of their bodies, and in order to do this, high intensity workouts are formulated to refine one’s cardio, burn off body-fat, and build muscle. One of the exercise routines that’s found its way into people’s lives is HIIT (high-intensity interval training). 

Inspiring various different high-intensity workouts like CrossFit, which combines various elements of high-intensity workout routines; HIIT is designed to be performed for a short amount of time, but burning a lot of energy and calories in the process, thus the intervals. People who are interested in this form of exercise can perform these routines both at home or at high-intensity gyms in their vicinity. The focus of this blog will be on the many benefits people can gain from performing HIIT workouts.

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As mentioned above, HIIT’s high-intensity workouts are performed for a short amount of time, usually, no more than 30-minutes, but within this half-hour, you are tasked with performing lots of routines, which burn of a lot of fat and calories. Most of the workouts require quick-bursts of intense exertion with short periods of rest; putting the body through these sorts of routines increases the body’s metabolism and burns off more from the body than moderate or low-intensity exercise routines.

Some of the usual routines that form parts HIIT workouts include, jump squats, butt kicks, mountain climbers, and jumping lunges; these anaerobic routines not only workout the body’s core, but they also increase the body’s cardio as well. Anaerobic exercises are used to increase the body’s strength and gain speed; both bodybuilders and non-endurance sports athletes use these exercise routines to increase their body’s performance. The following are some benefits users get from performing HIIT exercises.

1. Calorie Burning

High-intensity workouts are desired by many people because of how quickly one can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.  As users will be performing multiple anaerobic exercises that work out multiple parts of the body, calories are burnt off as fast as you’ll start sweating. Each of the anaerobic exercises is performed in under a minute, twice.

2. Increased Metabolism 

Due to the intensity of HIIT workouts, the body’s metabolism will be enhanced for the rest of the day; this is another benefit that people desire from their workout routines. Metabolism is the process in which the body converts food into energy; without exercise and a healthy diet, this process slows, which leads to excessive amounts of fat being stored in the body, leading to obesity. Perform HIIT burns off this excess storage of fat in the body and uses it to power the body.

3. Muscle Gains

Another great benefit of HIIT’s high-intensity workouts is the muscles that are used the most gain tone and start to build after. Though this doesn’t happen to everyone, people who haven’t performed HIIT before tend to gain more muscle mass, than those who have been performing this routine before. But you’ll gain muscles if you work hard enough. 

4. Decrease of Blood Pressure

Blood pressure tends to be higher in people who are obese; exercise is what helps decrease blood pressure, and even more so high-intensity workouts. One of the primary causes of high blood pressure, besides obesity, is physical inactivity, or lack of exercise.

5. People Like It

Many exercise psychologists have noted that people tend to stick to HIIT workouts than other low or moderate-intense workouts because the routines are shorter and bring more out of the body. Not only do the results satisfy people but the exercise doesn’t push people to an exhausting limit.

6. Time Efficiency

Many people live in a rush; not only do they have to tackle their personal and professional lives but some of them try to live healthy lives and get the necessary amount of exercise their bodies need to remain in prime state of health. Due to the small amount of time that’s required to do a full HIIT workout session, users are in and out of the gym in no time but are still able to get a thorough workout accomplished.

7. It Can Be Done From Home

As stated above, HIIT workout routines can be done from home, or the gym if that’s the user’s preference. But due to whatever reason, a person is unable to go to a high-intensity gym or studio, you can perform these from home. There are many tutorials online which show viewers the correct way to perform the exercise and how to get the most out of them for further bodily enhancement.

8. No Equipment Needed

HIIT is perfect for small workout studios and other locations that have a limited amount of space; being that HIIT workouts mostly consist of cardio and anaerobic routines, big machinery isn’t needed, saving them time and space. All that’s really need is enough space to do the workouts comfortably.

HIIT is an exercise routine that is designed to get a lot out of the body in a short amount of time. Many people enjoy this type of high-intensity workout routine because of the many benefits they receive from it. The repetitive anaerobic routines help its users workout different parts of the body which thus increases endurance and the body’s metabolism. People who suffer from high blood pressure can gain many health benefits from this form of exercise, and speaking of gains, you can also develop muscle tone in the areas of the body which you’re working out the most. 

This is a workout routine for people with busy schedules; a typical HIIT session doesn’t go over 30 minutes, but within that time, you burn off a lot of calories and get the max from what your body can offer. HIIT is also beneficial for exercise studio owners; being that HIIT’s workouts strictly involve cardio and anaerobic routines, heavy-weight or cardio machinery isn’t needed; the only that is need is enough space for the class to do their workouts comfortably, which is what all exercise studio owners should strive for when opening their business.  

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