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Why Should You Contact a Civil Litigation Attorney?

hire a good civil litigation attorney

Civil law cases are one of the most common cases in the United States court system. Data suggests that there are about 16 million civil court cases filed every year. This makes courts more crowded than ever. This results in extended legal proceedings, potential financial loss and stressful situations for every party involved in the process.

Civil law cases are also often going forward without proper legal representation for clients. While the law doesn’t stipulate that these cases should have legal representation i.e. a civil litigation attorney, it’s advisable to use their services. Going without a legal representative may cause further legal matters and you may find it very difficult to navigate the legal environment on your own.

Almost 90 percent of civil law litigants go without any type of legal representation and the consequences are very serious. For instance, going solo in a lawsuit means you are fighting an uphill battle, and your chances of successful results will be minimal. Some professionals suggest that going forward without civil litigation support may cut your chances by as much as 50 percent. Simply put, having a good lawyer by your side will help you get the results you want and will help you win the case.

Heading to court soon? Do you want to start legal action against a company or an individual? Were you recently threatened with legal action? If you answered yes to either of these questions, make sure you hire a good civil litigation attorney to help you out. Here are some of the reasons you might need one:

You Want To Settle An Alimony Or Child Support Case

These types of lawsuits are very delicate and you won’t stand a chance if you go ahead without proper legal support. The legal terms are complex, the judicial system will be against you and everything can turn into a nightmare for you. You will need a professional by your side to explain the specifics of the law and of your particular case. You will need someone to help you create a negotiation plan with your ex-spouse. Think about it – there is a lot of money involved and the risks are very high. If you lose such a case, your financial security can be compromised indefinitely. On the other hand, if you are the primary caregiver for your child, losing the case might make you unable to adequately provide for your child. The implications are massive and you will need civil litigation support.

You Are Implicated In A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are some of the most common types of civil law cases in the country. Unfortunately, a lot of litigants go ahead in these types of cases without proper legal representation. The risks are high because the issues are related to your well-being and medical state, but also your financial situation. If you are a victim or consider yourself a victim, of an accident that is clearly someone else’s fault, you must take legal action against that person or organization. You will need a professional to help you navigate through the complex legal system. A competent attorney can help you create a plan for the legal action, can help you manage bills, the medical situation can help you communicate with your insurance provider and can offer alternatives. Also, a lawyer can help you in a settlement out of court situation, which is common in personal injury cases. Similarly, a good civil litigation attorney will help you understand what your chances of success are and how much damages can you request from the other party.

You Want To File A Discrimination Lawsuit

Discrimination lawsuits are common types of civil law cases in the country and are often very delicate. The moral issues are one part, but the financial and legal implications are far larger. There is also the problem of emotional stress and psychological effects a victim can suffer. Discrimination cases also refer to sexual misconduct, or harassment, which is usually difficult to prove. In order to have a high chance of winning the case, you will need a good attorney to help you. The company you sue will fight against you with everything they have, and it’s normal. No company wants to be seen as discriminating. Simply put, the whole stress is on your side, and you will have to prove the misconduct. Always ask for help from a good attorney – he or she will help you create an airtight case or reach a settlement that you consider acceptable.

How Much Does A Civil Litigation Lawyer Cost?

This question has multiple answers. As you would expect, civil cases are very different. Sexual harassment cases are very different when compared to personal injury cases, and alimony related cases are very different when compared to defamation cases. Also, lawyers have completely different fee structures, and most of them vary depending on the type and the scope of the work. Some will only require payment if the case is successful, while others will require a retainer fee. Others will charge hourly or monthly payments. The fee structure in civil litigation support is very varied, and you will need to ask around before acquiring legal aid. Keep in mind that if your lawyer offers you a contingency fee structure (they get paid only after the verdict), then you likely have a very strong case. Also, negotiation is very important – try to reach a price that is good both for you.

What Should You Expect From A Civil Litigation Lawyer?
There is no short answer to this question. Every case is different and your lawyer will explain precisely what you can expect from each specific case. Some cases may be bulletproof, and you can get a quick positive verdict, while others may linger on for years. The most important thing is that you will have a professional to guide and assist you through every step. You won’t be alone in this complex legal system and that’s the best you can ask for.

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