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Define Heuristic Virus and How to Avoid It!

Unlike traditional antivirus software, which relies on signature detection to identify viruses, heuristic analysis uses a variety of techniques to monitor common viral activities. This allows the program to detect new variants of current viruses. Heuristic analysis is particularly useful for detecting unknown viruses. The best way to avoid getting infected by a heuristic virus is to avoid downloading files […]

A Security Email Gateway: What Do You Understand About It?

What Is A Secure Email Gateway? Secure Email Gateways are tools that detect and prevent email threats. These tools integrate API integrations with cloud email systems and email clients to block and eliminate malicious emails. These tools help protect your company from email scams and other email threats. Many companies now use Secure Email Gateways as an integral part of […]

Benefits Of Cloud Security As A Service

Security as a service cloud is a business model that allows you to use a service provider to provide security services to your organization. This model is more cost-effective than individual security solutions and integrates security services into the infrastructure of your business. It also provides disaster recovery and AI-based anomaly detection algorithms. AI-Based Anomaly Detection Algorithms AI-based anomaly detection […]

What Is A Cloud Security Gateway?

A Cloud security gateway (CSG) is a policy enforcement point that identifies and blocks cloud services. It also protects against malware and data loss. In this article, we’ll look at how CSGs can help protect your company from these threats. They also provide rich audit trails. Cloud Security Gateways Are A Policy Enforcement Point Cloud security gateways offer policy enforcement […]