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When do you require birth certificate translation?

certified birth certificate translation
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There are a number of reasons for which you might require a certified birth certificate translation. The most common reason for which the people make use of certificate translation is when they are planning to go abroad, either for studies or settling down. 

Well, the question that arises is why a birth certificate needs to be translated? 

This question arises because we think that the birth certificate is merely a document that contains our birth details. On the other hand, you should know that birth certificate is also used as a legal document in many countries for different purposes. Thus, in case if anything goes wrong in the foreign country you have a valid proof of identification. 

Now coming to the point that when you would actually require to translate the birth certificate? 

This should be done when you are traveling to a country where the natives of the country speak a different language than yours. . 

Also, if you planning to immigrate, then translating a birth certificate is a compulsion. If you are going on an education visa then it would be as per the requirements of the government and university of that country. 

Where will you have to use your birth certificate in a foreign country? 

When you go for a birth certificate translation, it is very important that you go for a certified birth certificate translation. Otherwise, there are chances that you might face a number of problems in the foreign country and immigration process. 

The birth certificate in a foreign country would help you, in case you are trying to enroll yourself in a school or if you apply for a driver’s license or a passport. Specifically, in the US, you will require the birth certificate to apply for Social Security benefits. 

Apart from these things, the translated birth certificate is a necessity for obtaining a marriage license in a foreign country. People who plan to have a destination wedding in some foreign country are advised to go for a certified birth certificate translation before traveling abroad so that everything runs smoothly when you go for taking the marriage license. 

In the case of US immigration:

Almost all kinds of immigration forms require a birth certificate to be attached to them. The immigration Services of the US has made this very clear that only a birth certificate translated by a professional translator would be considered authentic. So if you are planning a trip to the US, you need to opt for certified birth certificate translation. In case you feel you are very well acquainted with both the languages such as English and your native language, so you might be executed from the law, then you are wrong as  it is not possible.

The US agencies like many other government bodies around the world prefer that the immigrant should submit a long-form version of birth certificate as well as a short-form version. Your birth certificate should have some necessary details such as your name, your birth date, place of birth, name of both parents. Also, there should be a seal from the issuing office which would verify it as an official record. 

What to do if you do not have a birth certificate? 

If the government of the native place has not issued a birth certificate to you, then you can make use of a notarized affidavit, which is required from the parent and should contain the correct information. In case your parents are no more then the affidavit has to be made by an older relative who has a blood relation with you. 

Your affidavit should contain details such as your full name, date of birth, the place you were born, your parent’s name, the place where your parents were born, date of birth of the parents and the date at which your parents got married. 

Three important things to keep in mind are:

  1. In case of an affidavit, you will have to attach the certificate from the native government that there is no birth certificate available for the person. 
  2. Apart from that, if any relative is filling the affidavit, then they need to mention their relationship with the person and how closely you know him or her. 
  3. The certificates that are issued by the embassies and consulates are not valid for the immigration process. 

You will have to go for certified birth certificate translation service  when immigrating, whatever the case may be. Also, people are really confused about who will they go to obtain certified birth certificates. If this is the case then you have to go for reputed companies for translation services who have international recognition. The certificates translated by a local company might not even be valid. So beware!

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