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Very Early Signs of Pregnancy - 10 Pregnancy Signs You Should Know

Wondering you might have got pregnant? Don’t know what to do to confirm your pregnancy? Well, before you can get a confirmation, there are some symptoms that you can check out for and get a feeling as to whether you have got pregnant or not. Yes, obviously, you can have a pregnancy test for confirmation but that can come at a later stage.

Here we have discussed some of the pregnancy symptoms that can give an indication that you need a pregnancy test now. Remember, however, that these are only early signs of pregnancy and before you use tools like calculator all to confirm conception or actually take a pregnancy test you must have it in your mind that these symptoms may not always indicate a pregnancy. Every woman has her own experiences of pregnancy and they may or may not exhibit symptoms described below when they get pregnant. With this word of caution, let’s take a look at 10 pregnancy signs that may indicate someone is coming.

  1. Spotting & Cramping

When you conceive, fertilized egg tends to attach itself to uterus wall and this can lead to spotting, which is one of earliest pregnancy symptoms women can experience. It may even cause cramping in some cases as well. This is often known as implantation bleeding and starts almost after 6-12 days of fertilization of egg. As for cramps, they resemble the menstrual cramps and some women often mistake them for the beginning of their next period. However, this cramping and bleeding is slight.

  1. Breast Changes

Changes in breasts can also indicate pregnancy at a very early stage. There’s a rapid change in the hormone levels of a woman after she conceives. These hormonal changes may cause the breasts to swell, tingle or become sore within a couple of weeks. They might also feel fuller or heavier or even get tender to touch sometimes as well. Darkening of areola, the area that encircles the nipples, can also be observed.

  1. Fatigue

It is quite normal to feel tired when you are pregnant, and it starts very early in pregnancy too. Women can feel the unusual fatigue only a week after conception. The main reason behind that is the increase in progesterone levels. However, other things may also contribute to this fatigue including low blood sugar levels, increase in blood production, and low blood pressure.

  1. Nausea

Nausea or morning sickness turns out to be a popular pregnancy symptom; however, every woman doesn’t experience it. Though the exact reason behind nausea in pregnancy is know yet known but, probably, pregnancy-related hormones can be a contributing factor. Even though it can happen anytime, but usually it happens in morning.

  1. Missed Period

That’s, probably, one of most obvious early pregnancy symptoms. In fact, it’s the one which prompts most of the women to have a pregnancy test. Remember, however, that not all the delayed or missed periods are because of pregnancy. Women may also experience a bit of bleeding in pregnancy as well. If you’re pregnant, ask the doctor what kind of checks you need to keep as far as bleeding is concerned. For instance, you can ask when it’s normal and when it triggers an emergency.

  1. Frequent Urination

Many women start experiencing this almost 6-8 weeks after they conceive. Even though an infection in the urinary tract may also be responsible for this, in pregnancy it happens because of hormonal levels. Other reasons may include overusing diuretics or diabetes.

  1. Constipation

When you are pregnant, the increase in the levels of progesterone hormone may lead to constipation as well. Progesterone actually results in food passing slowly through the intestines which leads to constipation. The condition can be eased, however, by drinking lots of water, working out and eating lots of foods rich in fiber.

  1. Mood Swings

Yes, mood swings are a common and early sign of pregnancy. They happen in first trimester, in particular. Some hormonal changes in the body may also be responsible for them as well.

  1. Back Pain And Headaches

It is common for pregnant women to report frequent episodes of mild headaches and some even go through chronic back pain as well. So, they can be taken as an early symptom of pregnancy.

  1. Fainting And Dizziness

Even though fainting and dizziness can be caused by the dilating blood vessels, low blood sugar levels, and low blood pressure, they indicate pregnancy at an early stage as well. The reason as that all these things happen to pregnant women soon after conception too.

So, these are some of the major early symptoms of pregnancy that may indicate you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor. However, as mentioned earlier, they are not linked to pregnancy all the time but you should still go for a pregnancy test if you are experiencing these symptoms. Who knows, you might as well be pregnant.

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