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Top 10 Unauthorized Instagram Apps

Instagram is the 2nd known social network held by the same group as that of Facebook. Most of the searched keywords were found related to the App Store, Google Play Store, and Instagram that needs Data Privacy Check Audit frequently. Recent searches have also been made regarding the concept of tracking your Unfollows.

Most of the time users get confused due to the login page and consider it as an official Instagram app. This can lead users to a phishing website. Later they may ask you for entering username and password. The major difference between official websites and such phishing website is a very simple official site only ask for adding username and password only to their app form. This confidential information is adversely used by hackers. You can well imagine how your confidential information will go in dangerous hands and may be used by them in your name!

Yet there are some users who don’t give damn upon leakage of information of their Instagram account but they are only 20%, remaining 80% of the people get anxious because of them mostly same information for other social accounts like Online Banking, Facebook, Google soon.

How to check authorization of your app through Instagram?

All you need to do is to log in through the Instagram web, drive to your Profile page. Now follow the given instructions:

1.    Go on “Settings” icon on the right side of ‘Edit Profile’.

2.    Choose “Authorized Apps for Best Productivity Apps” given in the menu.

3.    A comprehensive list of all applications which you have ever signed in through Instagram or ever connected to your profile will appear.

You may be shocked! None of them were ever logged in by your account and what is more dreadful is they are among the top applications who have millions of users and earning million dollars. Let’s check out some of the unauthorized apps

Top ten unauthorized Applications proved via Instagram

Once you see the list, jaw-dropping results will compel you to go through these apps and immediately change your Instagram password into a stronger one.

1.    Followers Insight: it is most commonly used applications with thousands of users. Due to a large number of users, you may be surprised that even these applications are listed among the unauthorized apps for Instagram. This app got attraction via providing multiple features to Instagram users.

2.    FollowMeter for Instagram: FollowMeter helps you to manage your Instagram and Buy Instagram followers in easiest ways. How cleverly this app takes the deep insight into your personal information on the Instagram account! They efficiently access your password, your follower’s growth rate and some other features of your account.

3.    Unfollowers & ghost followers: Unfollowers & Ghost Followers (Follower Insight) can be found easily on the play store. Their claim is to “Find your Unfollowers & Ghost Followers and more! Totally Free! No limits!” It attracts most of the users because there is no other way of knowing about your Ghost followers.

4.    Reports+: in past few years it has become the trendiest, quick and secure app. it will be preferable to call it as Instagram follower analysis tool which can be install from Play Store. The more famous it has become; the finest Fake Instagram login page they have. They have clearly written that they won’t use your personal information on Instagram but it will not be much surprised that they break their own rules.

5.    Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram: Their claim is represented in a very unique way, that is, “Get the best and most beautiful Instagram management tool on your Android device “over the web.

6.    Follower tool for Instagram: They claims their functionality as, “You are at the right place if you want to unfollow your unfollowers automatically”. In simple words, they will track your unfollower via using your using your username and passwords. They perform actions to create a list of accounts who have unfollowed you.

7.    Unfollowers for Instagram, lost: It helps you to find out that account who unfollows yours. They can be termed as lost followers or non-followers on Instagram. Their claim is that “They provide a Login using your Instagram account username and password (Instagram API auto used)”.

8.    Likes & who viewed for Instagram: this app is specifically made for those who want to become a shining star on Instagram. It is highly convenient to track your followers, Buy Instagram followers UK and follows on Instagram plus they analyze their pages. Sounds good? Nah!

9.    Unfollow Users for Instagram: this will aid you for unfollowing those users which are currently following. Though it is claimed to be free, quick and simple in use.

10.    Followers Chief: this app claims to let you know about those followers who have stopped following you. Though it claims to be ad-free and quite simple in use that is an even greater lie.

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