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Questions to ask Before Settling on a Calibration Service Provider?

It is important to be confident about the equipment you use to test and measure your tooling and products because they ensure your products perform well and are of the highest quality. One way to check the authenticity of your equipment is through calibration. So, it is imperative that you hire a calibration service provider that will address your concerns. The best way to find a reliable calibration service provider is by asking the right questions. When looking for a calibration service provider to hire, ask the following questions:

How do You Tell When Your Calibrations are Due?

Most calibration service provider offers a host of services. You may assume the quoted rate includes data, calibration report data, and a sticker containing the due date and calibration date. This isn’t a good assumption. You need to ask your calibration company what exactly makes up the quoted cost of calibration.

Does the Calibration Company Cover all Parameters, Ranges, Options as per Your Specifications?

Different industrial weighing scales are designed for specific jobs. To function well, they must work within given accuracies and specifications. Some equipment is designed to perform specific tasks, as such, they come with special options. So, it is important to ask if the calibration company can calibrate all the options, ranges, and parameters as per your considerations. Write down your requirements and discuss with your calibration company.

Can the Calibration Company Repair or Adjust the Equipment if it Fails Performance Tests?

Most of the time equipment fail calibration. This means it does not function within its limits and accuracies. If your potential calibration company cannot do any repair or adjustments, they will have to contract an independent vendor that can make the necessary changes. This increases costs and turnaround time. Therefore, work with a calibration company that does repair services.

How Long Does It Take?

When you have equipment that requires calibration, you must plan for downtime or maintenance. So, ask your calibration company to give you an estimated time frame. Apart from calibration time, do not forget to include possible delays such as adjustments, repairs, as well as transportation of the equipment. The longer it takes, the more your operations are compromised. Therefore, look for a calibration service provider to offer onsite or expedited calibration services.

Is Calibration Data or History Computerized?

If a calibration company uses software made or inventory or asset management, it is easy to track the history of equipment calibration. This is especially crucial for companies that operate in different geographical locations or larger manufacturing firms. This software allows you to monitor everything in one place from detailed certs and reports to past and future calibrations.

What Traceability of the Standards Does the Calibration Service Provider Use?

Check to see if the measurement capability can be accessed at the national metrology such as NIST. Traceability will inform you about the equipment the company used to calibrate your tools works as per the intended specifications.

Does the Calibration Service Provider have Accreditation?

Calibration labs and certified weighing scale calibration service providers have undergone through a tough process of testing to acquire certification and license as per industry standards. This shows you that the company is competent to offer topnotch calibration services. In addition, ask the calibration company about their accreditation status and check for ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001 certification.

If you are considering hiring a calibration service provider and have calibration-related questions, it is important that you asked all the questions that you have. This will help you assess whether or not the calibration service provider is competent enough to hire. There are many companies that offer calibration services, and this is the best way to narrow down your search.

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