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Pendant Styling is Easy And Effortless Fashion

Styling jewelry might or might not come naturally to you. But if you are reading this, it is possible that you can master how to style with jewelry starting with some basics. While experimenting with statement pieces or glamourous jewelry is not always easy and something that anybody can pull off. You certainly need some sort of confidence for the same. So make sure you are starting off with some safe options like styling a dainty piece of chain and pendants.

Yes, pendants are a central and very focal point of your styling, if you are wearing any. Initially, pendants were worn for various different purposes. Be it religious, ceremonial, faith and other reasons. It is later on that these entered the fashion arena and became statement pieces.

If you are ready to venture into the jewelry styling game, then let us help you with these few pieces of advice on how to style a piece of pendant jewelry.

Always a great addition to your wardrobe, you must have owned at least 1 to 2 pairs of these in your life. If you are wondering what style would suit you the best and how to pair it with your outfit, we have just the tips you need.

Your height matters

You might dismiss this factor, but pendants can help elongate your look, provided the secret tip here is to always keep it until or above your collar bone only. Nothing below that would make your outfit and whole appearance look overwhelmed. For people with average height, you should go ahead with almost any type of necklace, though another factor such as your face shape and your outfit will influence the decision of what kind of pendant you should don.

Your face shape

if you wish to create a more elongated look, try wearing a thin chain with a heavy pendant that should create an elongated V look. For those who wish to do a simpler look, go for the above look. If you have a round face, you can try wearing short chains while keeping the pendant lighter. The chains should be till your collar bone. For oval faces, with accentuated cheekbones, you can go for almost any kind of pendant.

While every face shape is beautiful, this style tip should help you avoid any basic mistake and keep your outlook stunning. Check out this Marco Bicego pendants range to select one for yourself.

Your outfit

with so many outfit choices and pendants, this pairing can get overwhelming. So make sure you are selecting it wisely. If you are donning a v neck, no sleeve top then make sure your chain does not go beyond the neckline of the outfit. If you are wearing a basic t-shirt, it is advised to keep the chain and pendant height till the upper portion of your chest. You can wear thick chains on a t-shirt or even a dainty one, style it just the way you like it. If you are in the mood to wear a turtle neck outfit, you certainly must wear a pendant over the same to accentuate the whole outfit. Make sure the pendant and chain both are kept shorter and lighter if you are of small height. If you have a more elongated figure, you can go for longer, dainty chains with pearl pendants from Marco Bicego.

Pendants are an effortless way of adding jewelry to your outfit. While it does matter what pendant has been paired with what kind of a chain, (they definitely need to contrast), you also should register the above simple points on how to get your pendant to look perfectly aligned with your outfit as well as your overall look. Check out Marco Bicego for some stylish pendant jewelry.

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