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How to Recruit Employees For Your Business

The worldwide job market is changing. There is a wealth of qualified talent at every level, and demand is high. It’s common for a single candidate to receive multiple job offers and slip away from you before you can close the deal. 

If you are trying to recruit employees, you’ve likely encountered some difficulty. Whether you manage your own hiring process or use outside recruiters, it can be challenging to hire employees. And since candidates have the advantage right now, it’s essential to develop recruiting strategies that meet their expectations and your goals. 

Read and learn how you can attract and keep the best talent for your business.

What Are Employees Looking For Post COVID-19?

The global coronavirus pandemic caused a seismic shift in how people work and what they expect from their careers. As economies begin to reopen and thrive, there is a large pool of qualified people to hire, but they have new conditions for employment. 

Almost 90% of “knowledge workers” expect flexibility of work hours and location. 3/4 of workers prioritize family over work, and more than 80% of candidates are willing to accept a position in a new location. 

These kinds of statistics highlight the change in how people approach and value their careers. To compete in this job market, you’ll need to adjust your approach.

How to Recruit Employees in 2021

As with any business transaction, the key to recruiting success is telling a compelling story that aligns with the customer’s needs. In this case, the customer is a potential employee. Your role is to show them how working with your company solves a problem they face or helps them survive and thrive in the world today.

Consider adjusting your recruiting strategy with these tactics:

  1. Remote Work – Decide if the position you’re hiring will be 100% remote or some type of flexible hybrid arrangement with time split between home and office. This is the number one expectation from the current job market. Create a remote culture to succeed.
  2. Independence – Save money on office space, employee benefits, and taxes by hiring freelancers or independent contractors. 
  3. Culture Fit – diversity and inclusion are the new watchwords of the modern job market. Create diverse teams that attract diverse employees.
  4. Wellness Solutions – this goes beyond medical insurance. Employees are looking for ways to destress, manage their work/life balance, and achieve better emotional health. 

Work With Expert Talent Firms

Not every company is equipped with a talent acquisition department that is ready for the new normal. Consider working with a recruiter to find the right candidate for your company. This is especially important if you are looking for candidates outside your state or country.

If you are looking for top talent and the best employees throughout ASEAN, consider an agency that specializes in regional talent. Look for recruitment agencies with experience identifying executives to find employees who fit your company’s unique culture and capabilities.

Embrace the New Recruiting Paradigm

Job markets change over time. The current market favors candidates over employers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be competitive when you try to recruit employees. Focus on the aspects of your company that appeals to the new generation of workers and provide solutions and benefits that meet their expectations.

To learn more about hiring and recruiting trends, please explore the rest of our site. 

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