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How to Improve Your Office

In this day and age, many business owners find it difficult to stand out in the market and keep their business afloat. Profitability and achieving good sales begin with a productive workforce. By managing your office well and introducing good work methods, you can increase productivity. Here are a few ways to help you improve your office.

Choose the Right Space

When it comes to productivity, office size is an important aspect. A handful of staff can feel swamped in an enormous office, while a space that is too small can make your employees feel claustrophobic. Pick the optimum size for your workforce and create an ergonomic space for your staff to work in.

Have a Clear Out

Besides the size of an office, clutter can have a major impact on productivity levels. Create an inventory for your office supplies and designate at least one day a month to go through your office. Going through your office on a regular basis will help you identify items that can be thrown away or recycled. Pinpoint the office items you use on a daily basis and keep them in an accessible place. Items that are hardly ever used should be stowed away somewhere safe and secure. For business owners who own a small office in Greater Manchester, Simple Storage offers secure and inexpensive storage solutions. Visit for more information.

Be Green

Around 12.5 million tons of paper is used each year in the UK. It comprises around 20 percent of the total waste in the UK and has a huge impact on the environment. In the office, the average employee uses around 10,000 sheets per year, and approximately 75 percent of this is wasted. Encourage your staff to be more mindful about what they print and more considerate about paper waste in general. To create a greener work environment, get rid of your printers and opt for cloud-based applications instead. By working digitally, you can save a substantial amount of money too. Using printers in the office incurs overhead costs, there are regular maintenance fees to be addressed, and paper and printer ink can be costly in the long run too.

Reduce Paper Waste

Of course, completely getting rid of the printer isn’t a viable option for some companies. However, there are still ways for you to reduce paper waste in your office. Make your staff more print aware and introduce an eco-friendly way for them to print documents. Double-sided copying and printing, font size, and formatting can help reduce paper waste. You can also introduce print audit software to control costs and train employees to be more print aware.

Don’t Forget to Power Down

Simply powering down at the end of a workday can help you save money on overhead costs. Forgetting to switch off the lights, computers, and other office appliances can result in a hefty electricity bill. Train your staff to be more energy-efficient and get your office into the habit of turning off devices and lights after a working day. Not only will this save you money, but it will also help your business reduce its carbon footprint too.

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