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Five Components The Best Schools In Miami Have In Common

best private schools in Miami

Every parent knows that choosing a school for their children can be daunting. Public schools are difficult to rank by quality as your address generally determines where your children will go to school. Private schools, on the other hand, are more difficult to choose. Which is the best one? What to look for? Which school should you avoid? Are there any characteristics that are common for the best private schools? Let’s try to have some answers to these questions.

The statistics show that private schooling is quite popular in the United States. And this popularity is growing. Currently, more than 10 percent of students (that’s about 6 million children) attend private schools in the country. For all these children, and their parents, choosing the right school is an important aspect. There are a lot of private schools and they are all different. Knowing which is ideal for your child is critical before starting the educational process. So how can you choose the best one? Here are five things that the best private schools in Miami have in common:

1. A good college prep program

One of the major roles of the best schools in Miami is to prepare children for their college life, and later, for their professional careers. Good schools should create good college students and reliable, good professionals in their respective career. The best private schools offer prep programs that are designed to prepare children for the transition towards their college life.

Private schools start the prep program via their honors-level awards, Advanced Placement classes, and extracurricular activities. All these activities help students earn extra college credit, depending on the particular subject. Children going through these programs can help students have a head-start when it comes to entering the right college. What’s more, they are used to the amount of work required during college courses. There are many other options for college prep – for instance, some private schools can help their students get their International Baccalaureate. This degree is very important during college admission, especially for higher-ranked colleges and universities. Both the Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate will result in college credit. Students who pass the AP exam and receive a minimum of 3 points will have more success in college.

2. Quality education

Quality is the most important factor when it comes to ranking the best private schools in Miami. The importance of quality education should not be underestimated. But how do you determine the quality of the educational process?

The best way to determine it is to look at the numbers. Look at SAT results and what colleges their students attend. Are there a lot of students who went to prestigious colleges? Are the SAT scores high and is there consistency over multiple years? Always look at the statistics – they never lie and say a lot about the quality of a private school.

Another way to determine quality is to look at how challenging the courses are. Do the courses award college credit? Are there AP courses? Does the school have interesting and challenging courses? Do students work hard during these courses? Is there a competition-focused environment in the private school? Are there any other educational opportunities for children?

Also, consider the quality of the faculty. Are there any well-qualified professors, who hold doctorates or advanced degrees? Are the professors passionate about their field of work?

3. Class size and grouping options

The best private schools in Miami offer smaller classes and have a plethora of ability grouping options. Research has shown that class size is a major factor that can affect learning outcomes. Smaller classes mean that professors can pay attention to children more, can better identify talents, help children overcome problems and involve them in various activities. A good student to professor ratio should be 8 to 1, while class sizes are capped at 15 to 18, at the best private schools.

Ability grouping means that students are grouped based on their special abilities. For instance, students who are passionate about mathematics will be grouped together, helping them achieve better results in this field. This makes students more comfortable with similar peers and increases competition. Similarly, professors can easily focus on their needs, thus increasing the quality of the educational process.

4. Sports and extracurricular activities

Sports are a major component of an excellent education. Multiple studies show that physical activity helps relax children, enhance their competence and expand their abilities. Team sports help children create friendships, improve strength and enhance communication. Art groups help artistic children expand their talent, hone their skills and relax after a long school day. Sports and extracurricular activities integrate children, make them enjoy competition, friendship, teamwork and increase confidence. These are important aspects of education that cannot be taught from books and blackboards.

5.Boarding school opportunities

The best schools in Miami that have boarding opportunities come with a massive advantage. Children are encouraged to live individually or in small groups, thus increasing confidence and a sense of self-awareness. Boarding schools also bring together children from multiple locations and backgrounds. Children are exposed to different cultures, personalities, and specific customs. This makes them empathetic and understanding towards different cultures. For instance, children who do not speak English as their native language will be better integrated, understood and socially accepted.

Boarding schools create a close-knit relationship between students and professors. Tutors, mentors, professors, and administrative staff are in contact with students almost continuously, thus creating important relationships. This creates better relationships with adults, a sense of understanding, respect and self-awareness.

Guided responsibility is an important factor for the best schools in Miami. Children who go to boarding schools are often more independent and responsible than children who don’t. While the initial adjustment period can be tough for some students, the benefits are enormous during adult life. Students learn how to tackle difficult situations, how to live independently and take care of themselves, far from their families. This helps them avoid similar issues that can occur in college, making them more mature. They receive the right structure, mentorship, and rules to help them grow into their adult life.

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