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The Best Strategies To Keep You and Your Kids Organized This School Year

Over the course of the school year, your kids are bound to acquire a lot of “stuff” – loose papers, new toys, shoes, and clothes. After a while, this “stuff” ends up scattered across the floor. Bedrooms begin to feel more like the garbage heap and the living room often becomes inhabitable.

In order to combat, reduce or at least maintain the rate of acquisition, several manufacturers have developed fantastic examples of kids room storage. These options are a huge blessing because they serve to compartmentalize these individual pieces to a unique location and storage situation.

You can also use a number of tactics to create structure within your home if traditional storage options are not working. As the new school year is coming into view, you might be looking for a better, more child-friendly alternative to popular storage options. Throughout this article, I’ll explain my picks for the year’s best strategies for organizing your kids.


In the last few years, one of the best and most fun devices families are using for storage happens to be the use of cubbies. From Pre-K to middle school, children are consistently utilizing cubby systems. The systems present a unique space for your child to store their personal items.

In school, children learn about storage – to place their personal belongings into their cubby or locker to ensure it doesn’t get lost. In some schools, clean-up is part of the daily routine. As a parent, you can capitalize on this and bring the cubby system home with you. Your child already understands the system; they spend all day utilizing it. You can create a section of cubbies or draws for your child to store their unique items in and hopefully through positive reinforcement at school, your children will carry these behaviors back home.

Cubbies to take up a large section of your room, however, there are so many stylish variations of the cubby system. Comparatively, an age-old organizational method that remains impactful even in this century is the shelf. Shelves are also another great way to keep your children’s rooms organized. Furthermore, shelves give you children the ability to completely customize their surroundings and display accomplishments or meaningful sentiments for all who enter their room.

Shelves do have the possibility of falling; cubbies are a little more secure – some are built into the wall rather than sitting on the wall as shelves do. Yet, shelves will better serve your child in the future. As they are permanent, they serve to be a better investment.

Nevertheless, as long as your child has access to these storage systems, there won’t be much trouble. Kids friendly living rooms are hard to create, however, a storage system is a necessity. Without a place to store items, chaos will ensue.

Under-Bed Storage Systems

In tandem with the rise of minimalism and multi-functionality, furniture manufacturers have found intelligent ways to save space and give single pieces of furniture multiple purposes. This is important because families can now reduce the amount of furniture in their homes, removing clutter and freeing up more space for their children to play, eventually resulting in more kids friendly living rooms.

One of the most popular pieces happens to be under-bed storage. As the name sounds, under-bed storage is popular because it is hidden under the bed. Some variations include the bed lifting from the base, and underneath, the user is provided with a plethora of storage space for clothes and bed linen. Other variations include a simple cubby system embedded into the base of the bed. Your child just lifts the covers revealing limitless access to a variety of storage options.

Under-bed storage can be a fantastic alternative to drawers. A chest of drawers is often big, clunky and heavy. Under-bed storage serves as a 2-in-1 solution. Additionally, the average child’s room is very small. Limited space requires easy and efficient storage options. It’s fair to say, most items get lost under the bed, so why not store toys and personal belongings under the bed in the first place?

Child-Friendly Closets

In the same manner that cubbies are incorporated into the structure of the room, child-friendly closets are another great kids room storage option.

These closets are customized to meet the needs of your child, providing space to house all of their clothes and miscellaneous items. With a selection of shelves inside, you can house several baskets above and soft cloth drawers to ensure the closet is kids friendly.

As the closets are customizable, you can take sections out, put new sections in, raise or lower hanging racks and replace drawers. No need to replace the whole closet. The closet grows with your child.

Make It A Game

Children love games. Oftentimes, children learn better through games than through traditional education tactics. To reinforce the need to maintain a clean space, you can turn cleaning up to a game. Most people play or listen to music while cleaning as a way to make the activity a little more exciting and enjoyable; similarly, turning the process of cleaning into a game will cause your children to forget they are completing a chore and instead they’ll see it as a game in which they are having fun.

If your child’s room contains a few if not one of these storage options, you can guarantee a game is going to work. You could see who could clean up the fastest. Create a basketball-themed game around throwing dirty clothes into the hamper. The possibilities are endless. With creativity, the mundane task of cleaning living rooms could become a fun pastime in which you and your children will look forward to.

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