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Easy Way to Build your own Botnet in few Minutes

What is Botnet?

A Botnet is any number of Internet-enabled devices, each of them running one or several bots. Botnets are often used to execute Distributed Denial of Service attacks, carry spam, and let the attacker has physical access to the networked device and even its Wi-Fi connection. Botnets are capable of much greater attack capability than most commonly known forms of attack because they are self-contained and have their own copy of the CNC resources (IP addresses, ports, etc.). The threat comes from the fact that if the user sends an email to another user with the subject “open”, all messages received will contain the Botanical identifier in the header field.

The botnet can also be used as a simple backdoor to a home router. This means that if you connect your home network to the internet, your modem will send the request for local access through the standard gateway. Any internet cafe on the street is also a possible starting point for an attacker. If a router is used, it will allow an attacker to add a static IP address to itself, and thus gain full control over the victim’s system. Not only does this route around firewalls and other security measures, but it also leaves the entire network vulnerable to attack.

Botnets do not need to be controlled by a single IP address. A botnet can be configured so that any network adapter will initiate requests to itself, making any device within range vulnerable to attack. If the IP address used in the Botnet has port forwarding and encapsulation capabilities, then any device within the range can also be attacked. Since most modern routers have both these types of functionality, it is often difficult to restrict a botnet to only one interface or network card.

There are many reasons to build a Botnet. It is also called a network, a switch, or a router. To put it simply, a network will consist of routers that are connected to one another, and from there; you can send and receive information in a form of data. So, if you wish to know how to build a Botnet you should first understand the structure of such a network.

Network: How a network administrator makes a network work is pretty simple. He/she will have to install wires between the various components on the network. The switches are used to allow each computer on the network to communicate with other computers on the same network. The computer that needs to be contacted will have a wireless card installed. Then the computer that is in range of the wireless card will contact the switch, which will assign it an address.

Routing table: Now, if you wish to know how to build a botnet, one of the first things that you should do is to create a routing table. This table will contain the details about every device that is on your network. In this way, a certain IP address will be given to every device in your network, so that you can establish a connection to them.

Add Wireless Card: Once your network is up and running, you can add a wireless card into your mix. To do this, connect a computer with an open port to the computer that has an adapter installed. If you’re doing a wired setup, simply plug the wireless card into the back of the computer with an ethernet port.

Configure Wireless Card: The next step is to configure your wireless card. This can be done by either editing the drivers within Windows, or by installing a software piece that will perform the same function. If you’re using Windows, you need to open your control panel (found within the start menu by clicking Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools). Then, double-click the Wireless LAN Connection tab. Next, select the auto-discovery option, which will place a list of all the computers that are within range of your current Wi-Fi router.

Configure Network: Once you’ve verified that your wireless card is present and functioning properly, you can proceed to configure your network. To do this, go to Network Settings. Select the area where it says “Wireless Internet Connection” and click on the enter button. You’ll then be able to see a list of all the computers on your network that are on a wireless connection. Use the right or left arrows to switch from the main network to the wireless card.

Wireless Internet Connection: Just like before, you need to find the Wireless Internet Connection in the list of available connections. You can either click on the name or the SSID of the network. Once you’ve clicked on it, a list of all the computers will appear. You’ll notice that some of them are already detected. Click on each one to view its details such as its SSID, MAC address, and wireless provider.

Wrestlers: Lastly, you need to configure the wireless card. Click on” Wrestlers”, click on the “New” button and fill out the required details. When done, you will be prompted to key in the IP and password of the computer you want to connect to the network. With that completed, you should be able to how to build a botnet with your computer in just a few minutes!

How to use a Botnet? 

Now that you know how to build a botnet, you need to understand how to use it. To start with, you must have an empty network. All you need to do is to fill the network with traffic by copying the configuration settings of the wireless card into the computer. In most cases, you have to copy the SSID and MAC address. Once you have successfully done so, then you can already access your network.

After that, it’s time to play some games. Botanic is a fun game that you can play with your kids. In this game, you have to protect the network from the bots by building bridges. It might sound easy, but in fact, the strategy you have to follow in playing the game.

Remember, building a botnet is easy, but you have to follow strategies in order to protect the network. If you have the patience and you know how to use your computer, then you should try to build a botnet! You will not regret it!

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