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9 Ways HubSpot can help improve your B2B Inbound Marketing

HubSpot is a cauldron of knowledge and inspiration to improve website traffic and nurture leads, particularly B2B ones. We have uncovered some of the simplest yet impactful inbound marketing tips that you should try if you use the HubSpot suite of software. Presenting the top 9 ways HubSpot can improve your B2B inbound marketing.

Pillar Pages

If you want to boost your SEO traffic, then we recommend creating a ‘pillar page,’ which is a separate page built around a topic instead of a product or services. High-Value content is displayed on the pillar page instead of being gated on a landing page. When a user opens this content, it will not only increase SEO and traffic but also improve the quality of your leads.

Topic Clusters

Following on the previous point, use the topic clusters available in the content strategy section to build a visual map of how pages and topics link your website. With the topic cluster, you can strategize sub-topics and blog posts for your next pillar page. When creating blog posts that will link to the pillar page, use targeted keywords to improve the visitor’s journey and link them with key website pages.

Smart Content

Use HubSpot to create smart content to engage existing customers or increase MQLs by making visitors fill a high-value form. Use HubSpot tool to generate targeted content, CTAs or forms that are dynamic and shown to a targeted audience who visit your website. Build smart content based on various parameters, including the device of the visitor, geography, a contact list or different lifecycle stage. Create smart content to upsell or cross-sell your products or services, or give customized offers to your visitor.

Follow-up emails

Follow-up emails are a great way to encourage visitors to get in touch or sign up for a trial or demo. When you send a downloadable link for an asset, include information on how to get in touch with your team. In HubSpot, it is recommended that a HubSpot Certified Agency should set up a follow-up email on its landing page, instead of the email section. This is a better way to organize nurture campaigns and reduces the effort of creating a workflow every time. It is also a great way to distinguish between genuine contacts and fake ones.


Workflows are a great way to automate your email marketing campaigns as it allows you to send emails to a different list of contacts in the same campaign. It also tracks email metrics and sign up forms and allows users to set a goal for any action that happens. This eases the job of the user, who doesn’t have to manually perform these tasks. In HubSpot’s workflows, you can also use the ‘branch’ option to schedule different emails to specific target lists. This allows highly customized targeting while providing an easy way to monitor campaign results.


Webinars are a proven way to generate quality leads and valuable content, including blogs, listing pages, emails, and even e-books. If you intend to host a webinar, we recommend promoting it for two or three weeks in advance so that you get enough time to create a buzz. After the webinar, send the recording to registrants who missed it. And if the topic is evergreen, keep it as a gated content to capture quality leads. In HubSpot, you can use the GoToWebinar integration for seamlessly hosting your webinars.

A/B testing

A/B testing is your best bet when it comes to knowing which elements of your website are boosting engagement and click-through rate. You can test various parameters, including content, landing page layout, forms with different fields, etc. Don’t restrict your testing to just website content. You can also test a copy, images, or long vs short website form to decide what is working for your organization.

HubSpot Email Analytics

Use the HubSpot Email Analytics tool to get in-depth insights into your email campaign results. This recently launched tool provides a ‘heat map’ of where visitors spent their maximum time. It also shows on which device the recipient engaged with the content so that you can use it to thoroughly test your future communications. Use this tool to also get a comparison of the percentage of people who read the email versus people who just glanced at it.

Book a Meeting Tool

Allow leads to book meetings directly with HubSpot’s book, a meeting tool. This provides an effective way to your leads to contact you without sending emails or picking up the phone.

Final Thoughts

These are our 9 tips for improving B2B inbound marketing using HubSpot. There are other ways to achieve the same results, and you can find those on the HubSpot user guides webpage, which has a broad range of topics spanning from CTAs to keywords.

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