WhatsApp Lets Users React To Messages With Any Emoji

After a long wait, WhatsApp has finally made the feature available for its users. Long-pressing a message will reveal a menu containing the previous six emoji reactions. From here, you can tap the plus icon to see all available emojis. Some of the options available include the saluting emoji, the melting face, and various variations of skin tone. WhatsApp Emoji […]

Top Things to Know Before the Market Opens Today

Before the market opens today, you should pay attention to what’s happening in the news. Stocks that open higher will probably continue that trend for 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, stocks that open lower will likely reverse their trend for 20 minutes. Moreover, overnight news can have a big impact on the market. Read on to find out how […]

What Is Digital Fashion And Why Is It Important?

The Carbon footprint of digital fashion garments is a major issue for consumers and designers alike. What are the benefits and costs of digital fashion garments? Read on to learn more. Read this article to learn about the environmental benefits of digital fashion garments and the carbon footprint of conventional clothing. We’ll also look at how they will affect the […]