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Why Getting A Tile Roof with the Right Roofing Company is a Good Choice in Boca Raton

Homeowners try to get the best deal for home repairs. Whether it is a small repair job or a major install job such as the installation of a new roof, homeowners insist on getting the most ‘bang for their buck’. They need to look no further than a tile roof for the Boca Raton area. This may be one of the larger purchases after buying a home in Boca Raton area. Due diligence must be done when choosing the right roofing company. The right roofing company will be in business for many years. Some roofing companies have decades of experience. You can inquire about their level of customer satisfaction from former customers. Ask the roofing company for references. Make the calls to those former customers and inquire about the roofing company’s performance during all phases of the tile roof installation. The roofing company office must be experienced and courteous. The same is expected of the salesperson. You will be able to assess their level of expertise from a casual conversation. Ask questions about the pros and cons of a tile roof. Many of the correct answers will be outlined later in this blog, so read further.

Do not necessarily hire the tile roofing company with the lowest bid. You want to vet a company with attributes that will give you the best value and the best job. There are many roofing companies in the Boca Raton market but few companies that will get you the best deal on tiles and expert installation. Call references provided by the roofing company. I recommend that you get permission from a couple of references to visiting their homes so you can look at their tile job. While you may not be an expert, you can look over the final tile roof installation and see how it looks. Ask the homeowner if there were any problems with the roofing contractor before, during and after installation. Ask if there were any damage to your property and whether the roofing contractor completed the job within budget and on time. Ask if the assigned project manager was accessible at all times. It is good to know if there was any reason to call the roofing company after the installation was complete. Perhaps, there were flaws in some tiles. Did the roofing company respond quickly and honor the warranty? You should leave ‘no stones unturned’ as you try to get the best company in Boca Raton. It is best not to choose a small company with one or 2 roofing crews. Such small outfits often underbid the job to get the roofing contract. They cannot service multiple contracts at the same time and this can lead to your job being put on hold while the next job is done. These roofing companies often go out of business and the warranty that you bought is worthless. You are then stuck with 10 to 30 years of the roof with no warranty. A larger company with jobs all over South Florida, decades of experience, excellent customer reviews, and a proven track record are less likely to go ‘belly up’ and leave you with a worthless warranty.

You can rest assured that a tile roof is a good choice for many reasons. Durability is an important reason to choose roof tiles. It can stand up to 150 mph wind force. This is very important in the Boca Raton area which is often targeted by fierce hurricanes. Roof tiles can also resist fading from the intense South Florida sun. Even though the roof tiles can cost more than asphalt shingles, it can last twice as long. It is not unusual for roof tiles to protect your roof for 3, 4 or 5 decades before a new roof is needed. Asphalt shingles often must be replaced after 20 years. So even though roof tiles cost more, it may be cheaper when one considers its potential longevity.

Roof tiles do not protect your home from water. It is really the underlayment that keeps water away from your rood deck and ceiling. This is a strong argument that the 30 lb. felt is the standard material that protects your home. Expert roofing companies use SBF –modified underlayment. This is a superior substitute to felt and you should have a discussion with the roofing company so you can have a truly secure roof. The right roofing company would also use the right roofing materials to ensure the integrity of your new roof. These roof parts include eaves membrane, valley flashing, eaves membrane, eaves edge, and roof ridge vents. Your contract should spell out where each will be located.

The right roof company will also discuss whether you want clay tiles or concrete tiles. Clay tiles are more expensive but it often looks better than concrete tiles. You can choose from hundreds of styles and colors. You may want flat tiles or barrel shapes tiles. Try computer simulations of the various styles and colors on your roof before making a final decision. Clay tiles are more ecofriendly. It is 100% made from naturally occurring materials. It is also 100% recyclable. The old clay tiles can be used to make new clay tiles. Environmentally-conscious customers can rest assured that their clay tiles do not have to be thrown in another landfill. Unlike asphalt shingles, it will not exists hundreds of years leaking petrochemicals. In addition, clay and concrete tiles lower energy bills because it allows better airflow through the tiles. Concrete tiles have inherent insulating properties. Savings can be gained in this manner. Clay tiles have a high density which gives it a zero water absorption rate. This allows clay tiles to stay algae-free longer than concrete tiles. Also, clay tiles do not fade but natural occurrences may change their appearance such as moss. Concrete tiles are more cost-effective. The malleable nature of concrete allows the tiles to be molded into attractive designs. The end product is spectacular roofs that will be the envy of your neighborhood in Boca Raton.

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