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Unique and Smart Kitchen Storage Resolutions

Television has many shows filmed in the kitchen. The themes are endless. There are competitions where amateur and celebrity chefs compete against each other. There is even a network dedicated to food. In most shows, the kitchens are often immaculately organized. Utensils and ingredients are easily accessed. Pantries are filled with spice racks, knives are conveniently placed and everything flows smoothly from the pantry to counter to the stove and finally table. Many homeowners believe that this level of sophistication and immaculate organization is ‘above their pay grade’. This is far from the truth because you can find a company that can convert your ‘kitchen from hell’ to a TV showcase. Kitchens have storage solutions that make utensils and ingredients easier to find.

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One idea is to not ‘reinvent the wheel’. There are numerous examples of well-organized kitchens on TV, magazines, local hardware store and on the Internet. Borrow some of those ideas. There are companies with many years’ experience in kitchen upgrades. Look at videos of their successful kitchen projects. Some companies offer free consultations. Take advantage of these free offers. Make a list of all the features that you think works best for your kitchen storage cabinets and cooking needs. Perhaps indoor grilling and your wine collection need special attention. Perhaps it is your collection of international spices. Maybe you despise to have to look for 10 plus minutes for your favorite pans. Why do you have to store pots and dishes in your oven? Are your prized wine glasses hidden among Tupperware? Why can’t you find a bottle opener when you need one?  All these concerns and more can be fixed permanently. Companies specializing in organizing your home can do 3D renderings of your new kitchen. Before you get a free consultation, make a wish list of items and gadgets for your new kitchen. Share these ideas with your consultant. State clearly what you can spend on the project. Then review the 3D rendering and make changes with the consultant. Always remember to get a written estimate. Engage in lively banter with your consultant as you make changes to the project and stay within your budget.

Another idea is to add storage space by adding new shelves in creative places. Take an inventory of place in your kitchen of places where shelves can be installed without compromising aesthetics and functionality. You do not want to place shelves in areas where safety is impacted. For example, shelves should not impede traffic slow. Placing it over sprinkler systems, fire and smoke monitors should always be avoided. There are many other applications where new shelves work well. Shelves can be installed over windows. Natural light will not be impacted and you can store kitchen utensils on these shelves. Other places to add shelves could be over the backlash, refrigerators, and microwaves. Glass shelves can be used to store glassware. Wine glasses and bowls can be stored on glass shelves to create an invisible storage solution.

There are often unused wall spaces in kitchens that can be put to good use. Hanging plate racks and pot racks fill a need for additional storage. This solution satisfies 2 needs. Homeowners invest tidy sums on matching pot sets that are hidden from view in deep cupboards. When guests come over, meals are prepared, pots are used and stored in dishwashers or put in cupboards there it is hidden from view. These gems that represent sizable investments are like a ‘lit candle hidden under a bush’. Your beautiful, shining and matching pot sets are out of sight and out of mind. However, when you use empty wall or ceiling spaces, your expensive and brilliant pot sets hang in the open for all to see. The shiny metal pots catch the lights from your kitchen and act as a culinary chandelier. Guests will notice and compliment you. Some may even steal your idea and ask the company that got you there. You also have increased functionality because pots are now within easy reach. Before hanging pots, it was stored in a deep cupboard where you had to rummage through several layers of pots inside larger pots. After finding that pot, you had the chore of replacing unused pots and then starting the process all over again when you are done using the current pot. Hanging pots solve this tiresome problem and free up your deep cupboards for more storage.

Maximize the use of vertical space. Your kitchen storage cabinets need space on your walls and should ensure that it is not too high or low for the homeowner. These high spaces are often empty or covered with paintings and mementos from travels. A sliding ladder system creates additional storage. Sliding ladders are sold by many homeware stores and it can even be ordered online. The company that you hire to redo your kitchen storage cabinets and closets will be able to purchase a sliding ladder system that fits the dimensions of your kitchen. The shelves installed with a sliding ladder system can be used to store items that you do not use often but still have great value. A bread maker can be one such appliance. Again, you increase storage space and show off expensive and attractive kitchen items. You win twice!

Pull out shelving is a cheap and creative solution. You can literally double space in the pantry by installing pull out shelves. This is a common solution that safely stores dry goods that can be accessed by simply pulling out a shelf. The shelf wires increase visibility. Prior to pulling out shelves, homeowners would have items buried under other items. Good would expire and sometimes rot before you discover it. Wired shelves increase visibility and help you use dated items before it expires. The money saved from this new system may very well pay for installing the shelves.

Declutter fixed shelves by using labeled storage bins. Shelves are often filled with assorted items. These are kitchen items that you use often but are strewn haphazardly on shelves with no system of organizing them. Bins made of wicker increase the ambiance of the kitchen. One solution is sizing the bins and flex the number to fit the shelves. Then label each bin so you can get items by simply pulling out the bin. An organized and beautiful kitchen can lead to many hours of happy family time with friends. Kitchen storage solutions are meant to make your life easier.

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