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Top 5 Uses of Social Media Platforms in Today’s Time

We live in an era where the craving to constantly grab public attention is at a tremendous rise. And what better way to do that other than a social media platform. The time has come when a person updates about every happening of his or her life through social media statuses rather than telling things in person. There is a huge rise in the publicity of these social media platforms for more than a decade now; thanks to the cheaper data rates and compatible devices accessibility by the commoners. Some of the common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. The use of these platforms varies across a wide range. People even use Facebook platform for business growth and many other purposes. Approximately a majority of the population is using these services, be it rural or urban areas or people of young and older ages.

Amongst many uses of the social media platforms, the top 5 uses of it are mentioned below:

Enhancing your brand value-

A company does not get a brand value within days of its implementation in front of the public. It takes lots of efforts and hard work to gain public trust by shelling out ‘quality’ over quantity. Social media plays an important role in building up a brand name for your services and products. The users of these platforms are spread across the world and news of anything good (or bad) spread like fire across all the social media platforms and become viral within minutes of its publication. So the ones who want to make their brand ‘famous’ within a shorter span of time, social media is the best choice for it.

Collaboration and communication-

Just chatting with the near and dear ones is too mainstream for the social media fanatics. These platforms must be used extensively to increase connection for every field possible. The Facebook platform for business growth is what a marketer can focus upon to make collaboration with people with their niche of the work zone. In case of every work mode, communication plays a major role in building up a client base, so it is highly recommended for the marketers to use these platforms to collaborate and communicate with people.


All the social media platforms can be tagged a wonderful source for all kinds of entertainment. From videos to funny memes and from picture updates to getting news from all sections of the society, these platforms do it all. We get to see so much of diverse categories while scrolling any social media feed that it makes us wonder how would have we gotten to know about these if at all these mediums did not exist.

Sharing thoughts and media

Every social media platform provides us a way to share our thoughts and ideas to the world through different means altogether. While Facebook can be addressed as the “jack of all trades (as it provides with everything that can be done in other social media platforms), Instagram is mainly associated with sharing of pictures and videos and others have approximately same functions in terms of sharing media.

Getting feedback and opinions-

When you want to exhale better in all your businesses, be it personal or professional, you must be able to accept honest feedback from people associated with your enterprises. Social media marketing is the best place to get those feedbacks done right.

The common people use social media as a source to connect to their near and dear ones (sometimes strangers too!) but the experts know that there are more things that a person can make use of these platforms other than building connections. It is evident that people who use Facebook platform for business growth gain a lot more popularity in terms of finding the right audience for their business. Thus we see many high profile corporate houses hiring talented individuals or companies providing such people who know the proper usage of any social media platform and benefit both the clients and the marketers. It is very easy to handle and maintain accounts across all these social media platforms but being active in all of them is a matter of concern and should be followed by all who want to make their presence feel in public domains.


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