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Top 5 Benefits Of Promoting Your Business On Social Media


Have you ever asked yourself why should you be present on all the social media channels? Do you think you manage to promote your business without that? Well, think about it again, because nowadays, 3.5 billion people out there, which means 45% of the world population, spends time on social media every day of their life. 

This being said, you’d better consider implementing a social media marketing strategy for your small business in order to keep up with your competitors. In this article, you’re going to find the main benefits of promoting your business on social media platforms and where exactly you should be present. Ready?

  1. Make people curious 

The main goal when you want to implement a social media marketing strategy is to attract new clients. What better way to attract them than making them wonder who you are, what you do and how could you be helpful for them? 

You should answer all those questions and, step by step, generate conversation about your brand, products or services.

A pretty little tip: engage with your audience on social media platforms when they comment or send you a message. Make sure you give a human touch in your answers and avoid leaving the impression that they are talking to a robot. This will make clients feel more valued and they will be more likely to buy from you.

2. Increase brand recognition

Having a well-recognized brand is a huge goal for many business owners, but there’s a long way until there. Anyway, nothing impossible: you just have to work smarter and to have patience. 

Everybody knows that consumers are crazy about buying famous brands because it increases their self-trust and puts them in some way or another in a good light in their social life. Thankfully, social media channels allow us to create effective marketing campaigns and build a brand step by step. Despite traditional media, platforms like Facebook, Instagram or even Youtube can easily get your brand in front of thousands of people much more quickly.

3. Increase customer loyalty

Ok, you made your clients curious about your brand, you created an engagement with your clients and potential clients, now it’s time to keep them close. This is what marketers call creating customer loyalty. 

It is universally true that it costs less to keep your loyal clients close than to acquire new ones. Therefore, what can be better than increasing your brand loyalty for free? Clients usually follow and interact on social media platforms with the brands they like. According to statistics, 53% of customers who follow your business on social media are more likely to be loyal to your business. 

Why? Probably because they see your content more often than your competitor’s content, and when they want to purchase they will come to you because they know and trust you more. Some of the most popular techniques for gaining loyal customers are promo codes, discounts, Q&A’s, giveaways and, of course, loyalty cards. Give them a try!

4. Increase website traffic 

Increasing your website traffic is not that easy as it seems to be: you have to post regularly to your blog, have some basic SEO knowledge, and make people want to search for your content. Luckily, social media is a good way to increase your website traffic for free. Sharing great content from your blog or website to your social media channels is the ideal way to get readers on your blog.

Also, being part of different groups on Facebook can also be a great way to increase your visibility in your industry, as many clients search in groups for reviews or professionals for different services. 

Just make sure your website URL is included in all of your social media profile data so that people who want to visit your page can do it with one easy click. Check now your “About Info” section and if you haven’t added your website in there yet, it’s time to do it.

5. Upsell opportunity

No matter you sell vacations, counselling sessions or clothes, social media helps you arrive faster to your audience, to those who need you.

There are daily new accounts on social media platforms, and people will be more and more likely to buy something they see online in the next few years. Therefore, this is exactly the right time to put in practice your social media marketing strategy and sales goals.

Not too many professionals know exactly what social selling is. Right, it is a pretty new concept, but I assure you it is just as important as new. Nowadays, people’s life is different, technology has changed everything, from the way we talk to people, to the way we buy or we live. That said, the way we sell our products should adapt to those changes too. 

If you don’t update your selling techniques, chances are you’ll be left behind. This is the tragedy of many small businesses, but it shouldn’t be yours! Here I found an interesting video about how to generate sales leads with social media. Listen & take some notes, as there might be some tips that boost your business as you’ve never imagined.

As a conclusion…

There you have it, the 5  main business benefits of a social media marketing strategy. For sure there are many more, but especially if you are a beginner in social media marketing, try to take it to step by step and avoid putting pressure on you and getting overwhelmed. Take it slow, use social media intelligently and get ready to grow your small business. Good luck, buddy! 🙂


Diana Muresan is a Marketing Specialist and Copywriter based in Romania, Europe.  She covers small business topics with a focus on beauty and wellness industries. Find her on Instagram:

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