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New Trends to Lookout for in Social Media This Year

Social media is constantly involving. In today’s society, a small business needs an online presence to market to a younger generation. But just the basic online social presence isn’t enough in today’s market. Using social media is still a primary tool to stand out, but with such a huge crowd can be harder to do so. Following the trends is the best way to stand out from the crowd.

  • Consistent Video Production and Content

One of the major trends to look out for in 2019 is the rise of higher quality video production on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In recent months Instagram has made a serious push towards longer, higher budget production. This makes sense when considering Instagram’s goals. Instagram wants to keep people on their platform for as long as possible, and video keeps people’s attention more than regular photo posts. So it makes sense that Instagram is going to push that type of content more. The addition of Instagram TV and highlights demonstrates this. Using these features more often, and well will help you stand out from others in the form of content creation.

The same trends are happening on Facebook. Facebook for the past few years has been trying to build up interest in episodic shows. This is in an attempt to compete with other video platforms such as youtube. And that trend is expected to continue. Both of these platforms have huge opportunities to utilize consistent video content as a way to drive natural traffic to your account or business.

  • At the moment content will draw more attention than highly produced content

As said before, almost any social platform has a goal of keeping its users on as long as possible. The story feature has been added to many of the largest platforms. Specifically, Instagram and WhatsApp have seen huge increases of daily active users on the story functions. Stories may be the most common way for people to consume content and will see a huge rise in 2019.

  • Social ads are on the rise

There was a huge jump on social media-based ad budgets in 2018. And that trend is expected to continue. Advertising will become more expensive as demand is increased. So for businesses looking to invest in social ads have to invest equally into the creation of the ad itself.

When people are seeing more ads than ever, and they will cost more than they did previously, creating unique and quality ads is still king. So budget time and money into these campaigns effectively to get the most out of your invested money.

Higher professionals to help with content creation, marketing, and strategy can really help set your business in front of others. BroadVision Marketing offers all of these services and more. In today’s online driven marketing, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest trends. Along with the best approaches to achieve those things. Utilizing a company like Broadvision Marketing will help save money in the long run.


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