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Three Hacks To Get More Traffic From LinkedIn

Among many different social media platforms that have made marketing so easy and open, one of the most underused yet full scopes is the platform of LinkedIn. Initially created as an attempt to connect with professionals in different fields all over the world, LinkedIn has now become a medium for creators and marketers to expand their reach and convert users. 

On LinkedIn, the options and type of content that should be published are somewhat limited. The users is also more filtered and limited. However, that does not mean you cannot use its scope to grow your website traffic.

In this article, we will list down three hacks you can use in your marketing strategy to get more traffics from LinkedIn. 

#1: Research popular LinkedIn content

When you start your journey on LinkedIn marketing, it is advised that you do thorough research on the popular content published on LinkedIn. This allows you to have a clear understanding of the type of content expected on the platform. 

By this, we don’t mean that you should limit your creativity or that you should create repetitive content. The aim here is to help you understand the existing norms and boundaries that exist on the platform. Once you know what kind of content receives the highest engagement you’ll know what needs to be done for your website. 

#2: Invite your network to follow your page and website

A lot like Facebook where you invite your friends to like and follow pages and accounts, on LinkedIn too, you can invite your network to follow your page and your website. The difference here is that this is more professional. You get to share your website with level-minded intellectuals. 

This will help in getting more traffic on your website as the people you invite are not just your acquaintances but this will also expose your website and content to people on their network, expanding your reach and increasing the chances of getting more traffic. 

#3: Manage the use of hashtags

This is one thing common on almost all platforms. Be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, hashtags have made it rather easy for people to reach their target audience and feed them content directly on their feeds. It may seem easy because it is, but there are also a few drawbacks of using too many hashtags. 

Using too many hashtags in one post, in simple words, seems desperate. You don’t want your viewers to think low of your page and website and therefore you must limit the usage of hashtags to 5 per post. There are other ways you can increase the engagement on your page and that is by creating a regular posting schedule, expanding the network, and inviting people working in your niche or who might be interested in it. 

In conclusion

In this article, we discussed three hacks you can use to get more traffic from LinkedIn. 

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