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Things to Consider Before Initiating Your Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodelling Gaithersburg Maryland

Post your bedroom; it is the bathroom where you like to relax and drain away all the grime and tension away from your body. There is nothing more relaxing and destressing than a soak in a hot tub with few drops of essential oils. Many claims to get all of their creative ideas in a bathroom. Hence, it is not surprising that many think of a bathroom remodelling Gaithersburg Maryland more often than we can imagine. 

But remodelling a bathroom is no mean task. It could be a small room or a master en suite, functionality takes priority followed by aesthetics. We share some valuable considerations regarding lighting, drainage, storing, etc. that will help you plan a bathroom remodel which can stand the test of time with flying colours. Read on: 


Plumbing is the most important feature of a bathroom. You need the water from all sources to drain out smoothly. You would also like to face minimal issues like clogging, drain blockage, etc. Clogging is highly possible in a bathroom due to the high amount of hair and body gunk that keeps going down it. The normal size of a drain pipe used in a house is 1.5 inches. Consult your plumbing technician and check out if you can increase the drainpipe size to 2 inches width. It would reduce all bathroom plumbing issues significantly for you.  


Lighting is another important consideration for bathroom remodelling, Gaithersburg, Maryland. Recessed light fixtures spread all over the ceiling with dimmer switches is a highly popular option. It allows you to set the mood of the bathroom according to your preferences. There can be few points like above a mirror or near a cabinet where you might prefer functional and bright lighting to help do the shaving, makeup, and other similar activities in proper lighting. Plan them wisely so that you face no problems for any kind of activity or mood while making use of the bathroom.  

Keep the existing footprint 

Before you plan to switch major components of the bathroom like the toilet area, bathtub, sinks, etc.; you must think twice. It would mean exaggerated costs, more time to complete the bathroom remodelling, a space wastage and can even impact the accessibility and smooth flow of the bathroom. Irrespective of the size, the bathroom needs to provide an effortless movement and functionality. You should change the core layout only if it proves beneficial and does not impact the bathroom adversely.  


Storage is an essential requirement in any bathroom. Depending on the layout of your bathroom; you need to maximize storage space. Thankfully, today you have plenty of modular storage ideas and items that give you maximum storage utilizing every nook and corner of a bathroom. Planning well will ease your comfort level as well as storage needs.  

Choice of materials 

Choosing the right material for bathroom flooring, fittings, walls, etc. are a must since the area faces plenty of water and dirt abuse. Ceramic tiles are an ever-popular choice even though they are slightly expensive and need resealing every few years. In comparison, glossy ceramic tiles are not only cheaper to install but they are also hordes easy to clean. Preferring porcelain bathroom fittings is also a great idea. No matter what material you choose; they must be highly functional and easy to maintain.  

Hire a reliable contractor 

The success of your bathroom remodelling Gaithersburg, Maryland project depends entirely on how proficient a contractor you hire for the job. His experience, credentials, and expertise will help you renovate a bathroom with a dreamlike quality. Thus, you must never compromise on this ground. 

 Wrapping up  

We hope that you find the tips helpful. Doing intensive research to know the latest trend and hiring the right professional will help you proceed with proper planning and in the right direction.  



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