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Designing Your Own Hair Salon – Ideas, Tips, and Tricks To Saying Relevant in 2020

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Hair and beauty salons are businesses that help people look more attractive. This makes it obvious that people are also looking for a hair salon that looks awesome. You wouldn’t want to go to a beauty salon that is rundown, dirty or seedy. If a hair or beauty salon looks bad, it makes the whole business look bad. It’s a sign of poor management, poor marketing and worse, poor service.

A beauty salon owner who wants to be successful must understand how important it is to have an attractive establishment. This is important for every business, but it’s critical in the beauty sector, where everything is about looks. People do pay attention to every small detail, from the layout of the salon to the furniture, the accessories, the tools, the color organizers for salons or the racks. Everything matters and it all should go well together. But how can you make your salon really attractive? What are the secrets of excellent hair salon design?

If you are asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to explain a few tips and tricks most beauty salon owners are incorporating into their design or considering alongside some tactics you could use to stand out from the competition in 2020.

An Overall Theme

Having a theme is not mandatory but it will help you a lot in multiple areas. The main area is marketing – you can market the salon better, your clients will see you as unique and will easily identify you in the sector. In time, your salon will be famous for its theme; specific clientele and people will know your salon for its design. A theme also provides an experience for your customers, beyond the usual hair salon services. It creates a special atmosphere and it makes people have a positive feeling about your salon. Good examples of themes for hair salons can be nature, animals, the sun, movie stars, vacation spots, ruins or various colors. The options are virtually endless – the only limit is your imagination. The only thing you need to focus on is the atmosphere you create. Don’t be too aggressive, don’t be too glitzy and don’t go into offensive themes.

A Branded Color Scheme

As soon as you have the theme, you should pick the color scheme. The theme can sometimes dictate the color scheme – for instance, if you go for a jungle theme, green colors are your best friends. However, if your theme is more permissive or you don’t have one, you must decide on the general color scheme for your hair salon. Pick two or three main colors and stay consistent. Don’t go overboard with this – too many colors will create an erratic environment and the atmosphere will not be welcoming. Use the colors for the walls, the furniture, the equipment, and frames. Details can come in other colors, but try to get them to work well together. For instance, if you want to buy a hair color organizer, make sure to get it in the right color. The same goes for racks and other smaller furniture items.

The Right Furniture And Accessories

Make sure to include items and furniture that fit into the general narrative of the salon. This includes chairs, tables, racks, the color organizers for salons. Furniture is the first thing that people come into contact with when visiting a hair salon. After all, your clients will sit on the chairs, the sofas, and will see the tables and the shelves. Make sure the furniture fits the layout and interior space. Pay attention to the colors, the textures and the style of the furniture. You don’t want to have a vintage sofa in a high-end hair salon. Also, think about the functional aspect of furniture. A sofa designed for the waiting area doesn’t belong in the working area. These are small details, but they do matter in the long run. Accessories, like color organizers for salons, are also very important. Buy a hair color organizer, tools and appliances that fit in your salon.

Place televisions or other entertainment devices

Don’t let your customers get bored while waiting to get their hair done. It can quickly become annoying and your clients will complain. This is especially true if your salon is busy and you have long wait times. Try to create a waiting room and include various entertainment devices for your clients. Televisions are great for this – you can show programs or movies to engage your customers. Also, build a small bookshelf, an area for magazines or color organizers for salons. Similarly, try to include music in your waiting room. Relaxing music goes a long way and helps everyone when waiting for long periods.

The reception design

Your salon has to have an area for the reception. This is important because it’s the first area your customers will come into contact with. It’s what they see even before entering the salon – it’s where they first encounter your business and what it has to offer. Ideally, you should have a receptionist that welcomes clients and guides them to the working area. The reception area should be welcoming and should be comfortable – it’s your chance to create a good first impression. Here’s what to do:

  • Use dividing walls, different floor levels in order to separate different areas
  • Hide the clutter – don’t let your clients see the clutter, especially in the reception area; this area should be clean and neat – a sofa and a reception desk is almost always enough; in some cases, you can buy a hair color organizer and use it as a display case near the entrance; some of these items are very attractive and will set the mood;
  • Use color effectively – colors can break down and divide the areas – use lighter, more welcoming colors for the reception area; contrasting colors are also great ideas, but you will have to pay attention to how it all works together.
  • Try to avoid placing the retail area near the reception desk, if possible; this will create awkward situations and clients won’t be able to browse for products.

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