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Crazy Techniques To Reduce and Minimize Your Pores

Are you wondering how to minimize pores? They are there on your face, they are a nuisance and you wish they would just disappear, right? Their size, how they look and how many you have depends on quite a lot of factors: your skin type, exposure to the sun, genetics and your age. Of course, diet also plays an important factor as well.

While pores annoy almost anyone and most people want to get rid of them, they aren’t all bad. Pores actually allow the skin to breathe. They act as a passageway between the inside of your body and the outside. And sometimes this passageway gets clogged up. OK, so they are really important, at least from a medical standpoint. But how can we make them less visible and stop them from getting clogged up?

Apparently, shrinking them and making them less visible is not so hard, after all. Here are the things you can try:

Go For The Acids!

Acids on your face? You must be crazy!

Yes, dousing your face in acid may sound weird and straight-up dangerous, but there are some benefits to this pore reduction technique. The acids called alpha-hydroxy acids (abbreviated as AHAs) and the closely related beta hydroxy acids (known as BHAs) are the two basic main ingredients that can clean your pores. And they do it without damaging or stretching them. No, your skin won’t peel off, these are not the dangerous acids you are thinking about. They are harmless.

How Do They Work? – Both AHAs and BHAs dissolve the mucus connections between your cells and the surface of your skin, unclogging the pores in the process. Essentially, the dried up mucus in your pores are clinging on the pores and acid destroys this buildup. The acids also clean up your skin, clearing the dead cells on the surface of your skin, making it smoother. They are especially effective for oily, acne-prone skin.

AHAs and BHAs are critical components of multiple cosmetic products. These gentle, incredibly effective acids can be used daily, and depending on the product, come in various shapes, colors, and concentrations. Most exfoliating creams and Airbrush Primers have 2% BHA and 30% AHA, but these percentages may vary depending on many factors.


Retinoid creams are some of the most effective pore reduction creams you can find on the market. This vitamin A-based topical cream smooths out wrinkles, brightens dark spots and shrinks pores. Retinol works by boosting your skin’s collagen production, leading to smoother skin and tighter pores. Retinol also decreases oil production, helping you avoid acne and other skin conditions.

While retinol-based creams can be irritating for some people, if used correctly, they can work wonders. Use a gentle formula for your first treatment and apply only a pea-sized drop on your face. Wait for five minutes for it to absorb completely. Then, apply a moisturizer to restore the area. If your skin is particularly sensitive (rosacea-prone or ultra-dry), you should use retinol-based creams only once a week.

Get A Laser Treatment

Lasers are incredibly effective ways to fix any pore reduction problem you may have. Modern laser treatments are less invasive. For instance, the older Laser Genesis zaps microscopic holes into the skin, resurfacing deep acne scars and larger pores. The technique works for virtually all pores but was quite invasive. On the other hand, laser Genesis treatments stimulate the inner layers of the skin to smooth and plump your complexion, all with minimal pain. The results are similar to retinol, acids, and sunscreen, but all at once. Plus, there’s no additional hassle. The procedure is somewhat costly, the price hovering around $300, but the results are permanent. Obviously, this procedure should only be done by a licensed dermatologist.

Other Ways To Reduce The Size Of Your Pores And Prevent Them From Growing

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

The hands are usually dirty, even if you struggle to clean regularly and properly. Unless you are cleansing, keep your hands off your face. The hands have huge numbers of bacteria, dirt, debris and dead skin, and if any of these end up on your face, your pores will suffer. Minimize the time your hands spend on your face at all costs. Don’t pick at clogged pores – it is tempting but you will only make matters worse. You’ll get visible blemishes, scarring, and blood scabbing.

Add A Scrub To Your Weekly Routine

Look for any gentle exfoliator and try to include a scrubbing session at least once a week. This will stop the swelling, will reduce the size of the pores and will remove the dead cells. Just remember to not over-exfoliate and damage your skin even more. If unsure, contact your dermatologist and ask for advice.

Apply An Spf Based Primer

Sunscreen is an ideal long term solution for people who want to get rid of pores and prevent them from appearing. Sunscreen is obviously required if you live in a sunny region, or go on vacation. It protects the skin from harmful UV radiation. Depending on the area, the time of year and the type of skin, you should choose a sunscreen or an Airbrush Primer with good SPF (sunscreen protection factor). Good sunscreen also protects your skin from pollution and chemical compounds, which produce free radicals that can destroy your elastin and collagen in your skin. If these are destroyed, the pores grow larger, becoming even more visible. Ideally, you should use both an SPF primer and sunscreen. Airbrush Primers which have SPF is essentially a multitasking solution for your pores, while also providing sun protection, especially in hotter climates.

Go For A Chemical Peel

This in-office procedure provides a quick solution to visible pores. The chemical peeling technology has evolved tremendously over the past decade, so the risks are low. The peel works on the under layers of the skin and will make your skin glow instantly. Pores will almost become invisible and the effects are long-lasting. The procedure is also quite affordable, prices hovering around $100 for a session.

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