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What Is The Absolute Best Refresh Rate For Gaming?

As a hardcore PC gamer myself, I can only fathom the insane levels of Adrenalin that would be generated whenever playing one of my favorite online games such as World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike. As a result, it is only natural that I have spent significant amounts of money on a high-end and reliable gaming monitor. In this article, I will outline two different refresh rates that can be utilized by gamers with high-end video cards.

Best Price for Gaming:

The best refresh rate for gaming may be set at a much higher level than the norm. While most gamers would settle for a rather standard rate of about 120hz, some go as high as a 144z. While it is impossible to ascertain which refresh rate is the best on any particular title due to the nature of each game and the monitor used, I can share with you what is currently the highest recommended frequency for most games. It is set at a whopping frequency of 720hZ.

This is accomplished by using three different kinds of monitors. Firstly, the gaming monitor itself is connected to a dedicated graphics card with a maximum display rate of the graphics card, and secondly, a second graphics card is connected to the PC for performing the needed calculations. This second card, and its connection to the graphics card, determine the refresh rate that is set during gameplay. In most cases, the maximum refresh rate for gaming is around the level of a movie theater.

Performance of the High-end Gaming Monitor:

One other thing that is important to note is that a high-end gaming monitor while performing well above the typical refresh rate for other computer games, will not necessarily display at the true resolution of the game itself. Since the display resolution is not consistent across different frames within a video game, it is not possible to tell how many frames are displayed at a certain frame rate. To solve this problem, there are two methods of calculation that need to be applied: the calculation performed through the display’s vertical refresh rate, and the calculation performed through the horizontal refresh rate.

rate  for gaming

A high-end gaming monitor often utilizes a technique called ‘dynamic refresh rate technology’. Dynamic refresh rates are set at a much higher frequency than the typical display refresh rate for games. As the name implies, this feature dynamically adjusts the refresh rate to match an ever-changing image output. In essence, this method is done each time the image is refreshed so the images appear as if they have been moving. Obviously, this feature results in the image output being a little ‘bumpy’ at times, but in most cases, this motionless effect is not noticed.

Example of Monitor:

As an example of a gaming monitor using this type of technique, let’s take a look at one of the most popular and widely used systems right now – the Sony VAIO Series. This gaming system uses a display refresh rate of Reborn Technology with a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. Because of this feature, each and every screen on the system is displayed at a very constant refresh rate. What we are looking for when trying to determine what the absolute best refresh rate for gaming is, would be the ability to eliminate screen tearing in all but the most extreme cases.

Screen tearing can be seen most commonly in the games called God ray and deferred shading. When playing these types of games, the character models and gameplay are rendering using a series of rays that are generated by the game. As the player moves his camera around the screen, the rays are being emitted and blended with the existing rays so that the player will be able to view the gameplay clearly. Unfortunately, this also causes screen tearing at times, which makes it very hard to play these games. However, with the Sony VAIO, this is not a problem since the screen tearing is eliminated almost completely.

Refresh Rate For Gaming:

Now that you know what the absolute best refresh rate for gaming is, you may be wondering when the best time to purchase this system could be. The answer is right now! Right now, the prices are low, and there is a special promotion going on. At the time of this writing, you can save up to 75% by purchasing the system online. Plus, you get to own a gaming console that is very unique and has some awesome features that will make your gaming experience one to remember.

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