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What are the Benefits of Purchasing Preconditioned Air Units?

truck portable air conditioning units

Imagine getting into your vehicle and finding out the air conditioning system has finally kicked the bucket. The heat is unbearable. You sweat profusely, you literally can’t breathe and you definitely can’t drive, certainly not for long periods. Simply put, your day is completely ruined. But what if you had one of those truck portable air conditioning units? Are they able to cool your cabin during those hot summer days?

Let’s see what they’re all about and find out if they can help you:

Portable air conditioning units and preconditioned air units are commonly found in the aircraft industry. They are mainly used on-boarding bridges to cut costs and provide heating and cooling, depending on their needs. Usually, they are installed because airports want to be more green, cut electricity costs and be more environmentally friendly. A preconditioned air units’ main purpose is to save airline operators money. It cools or heats aircraft at a lower cost compared to the central air conditioning system installed in airplanes.

To understand how preconditioned units save money, we need to explain how they work. Whenever an aircraft approaches a boarding bridge or a ramp without power or air conditioning systems, the pilot relies on the aircraft’s central air conditioning system. The system will run even when the main engines are turned off until the aircraft is disembarked, cleaned, catered, boarded and ready to leave again; increasing costs tremendously, but many airports ignore the associated costs.

Preconditioned and truck portable air conditioning units were designed to work at ramps and boarding bridges to help the aircraft’s main air conditioning system. The preconditioned air is directed into the aircraft, cooling or heating it at a far lower cost. What’s more, there is no noise, no stressful situations for the pilots and a more comfortable environment for the passengers.

Preconditioned air units are essential to lower the risk of damage to the aircraft’s central air conditioning system and will keep the system ready during the flight when it is needed. For instance, for a narrow-body aircraft, the central system must run for at least one hour to provide the ideal interior temperature. Similarly, for a wide-body aircraft, the system must run for two hours. This means a lot of pollution, noise and an increased risk of power outage or damage.

Portable air unit for cars and trucks

Portable and preconditioned air conditioning options are available for smaller vehicles as well. Many manufacturers provide various types of units for virtually any type of vehicle, both small cars, trucks or construction, and agricultural equipment. They provide an affordable solution to cool or heat the interior of your vehicle. They are adaptable, portable and can be used as needed. Let’s see why they are a great fit for your needs:

– Preconditioned and portable air units are ideal for people who live in cold areas of the country, where the use of built-in air conditioning systems is not required. It will save money on cooling, as the truck portable air conditioning units use a lot less power than the central system. Also, if you don’t necessarily need an air conditioning system, you can use a portable fan for increased comfort during the short summer. There will be no need for air conditioning during winter days.

– Portable air units use a 12v DC power supply and they can be connected to the cigarette lighter, so they are very easy and comfortable to use in virtually every type of vehicle. Also, they are portable, so you can use them when needed;

– Portable air units are cheaper and require simpler repairs; if central air conditioning units need repairs, they are usually very expensive and will take a longer time to fix; a portable air unit fixes the problem immediately – you just plug it in and you are good to go.

– Some portable air unit models are battery-powered, so you don’t have to plug them into your cigarette lighter. They are ideal if you want cool of your cabin for shorter periods. What’s more, they cost less and are incredibly reliable, especially for smaller trucks and cars.

– Portable air conditioning units for trucks have a remote control feature, so the operation is very easy and comfortable; usually, they have wheels for increased mobility and serve also as ice chests, making them ideal for storing food or beverages. You get the cool air while also cooling your food or drinks.

– They can be used in multiple small closed spaces; for instance, you can use these portable air conditioning units in tents, offices, cabins or camps and whatever place that requires rapid cooling or heating.

-They are easy to use and are easy to install – most models only need a little bit of water to start the cooling process; once you connect them to the 12v DC power supply, the cool air comes through the vents and is dissipated throughout the cabin, cooling the space within minutes; you can.


A portable air conditioning unit or preconditioned air conditioning unit can be a lifesaver during hot summer days. Cooling off during heat waves can be problematic if your central air conditioning units is broken or if it doesn’t work properly, so having a little help will mean a lot when it’s hot outside. These devices are small, are easy to use and install and use the existing 12v DC power supply available in virtually every truck or small vehicle. Some are battery-powered and can be incredibly adaptable and cost-effective.

Overall, portable air conditioning units are cheap alternatives to the more expensive central air conditioning system in your car or truck. You use it only if you need it, when you need it and where you need it.

Their ability to provide cool air at a fraction of the cost alongside their functionality and compatibility with most cars; makes it a considerably promising piece of equipment and a worthwhile purchase. For a short fix in the meantime, a portable preconditioned air unit could be the solution to all your problems.

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