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Three Reasons to Hire Charleston Hardware

Whenever you need someone to have your repair needs taken care of, you may be stuck on the kind of services to choose, mainly because of what they offer and how much they would want you to pay them. Other factors, such as the services available from the company, would also be concerning if there is no other information is made available. What makes Charleston Hardware very unique compared to other restorers hardware services may provide is that they are extremely dedicated to hardware restoration, especially with antiques made many years ago in old houses and buildings. As part of their slogan regarding restoring the past and repeating history, here are three reasons why Charleston Hardware is perfect for repairs:

  1. The Company Restores Old Hardware Pieces Back to Their Original Appearances

One of the focuses that the company has is that they restore old hardware back to their original appearances. The reasoning behind this is because of how the company is willing to respect the historical integrity found within old buildings and the like, as creating modern pieces for their repairs ruins what makes these places special for the landmarks. The kind of reproduction hardware they have is not only based on what the original versions were like, but they were also based on the same craftsmanship used in the past, almost up to a century as well.

  1. Charleston Hardware has a Large Selection of Antique Hardware Items That They Can Repair.

Like a lot of product restorers, hardware workers are expected to have a large amount of knowledge with understanding what each antique hardware is like, but Charleston Hardware knows the most with old items. Like the old hardware used for the houses and buildings made in the past, the recreations that Charleston Hardware made are hand cast in a variety of metals, including bronze, brass, and iron; on top of that, they also have every etched detail and normal texture that the old versions have, all that can be done to make the hardware look as accurate to the original versions as they can be.

  1. Charleston Hardware is Known For Working With Iconic Landmarks Made Many Years Ago

Many restorers hardware services send out to do the job have been working everywhere, but Charleston is famous for working on landmarks such as the U.S. Custom House, the Rutherford B. Hayes Mansion, and the Crescent Hotel.

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