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Things Everyone Dislikes when it comes to Shower Window Glass Replacement

Window glass replacement

When it comes to replacing the glass shower windows in your home, at one point or another, you may have to consider window glass replacement especially if you have retained any sort of damage. These days, anything can happen, and you have to do your due diligence in making the necessary repairs. Whether it’s for purposes of replacement or repair, it needs to be addressed promptly. The ongoing debate regarding framed and frameless shower doors, at the end of the day, is of little importance. These kinds of cosmetic enhancements that a homeowner has to make are based solely on personal choice. Manufacturers widely recognize this. That is why there are a variety of style options for both framed and frameless shower doors.  Frameless shower doors are ideal if you are going for a more modern, robust look for the overall aesthetics of your bathroom enclosure. Framed shower doors, while they may seem dated to many homeowners, there are still a plethora of individuals who prefer this over frameless options. For one, framed shower doors are sealed tight. Because of this, the chances of water leakage are slim to none. Frameless shower doors can be troublesome if they are installed incorrectly. Since there is a lack of a physical frame, this means that there will be some gaps and openings that can make it easier for water to seep through, if it wasn’t positioned properly.

Unfortunately, regardless of what choice is ideal for your home, this isn’t always a smooth process. Window glass replacement can be a costly investment, but it’s something that will need to be done if your shower windows have sustained significant damage in any way, or if you are just looking to give a cosmetic enhancement to your bathroom. Keep reading to better understand why window glass replacement can be a difficult process. As we know, nothing is ever executed in a precise and collected manner. These options host a variety of pros and cons. Every prospective consumer should always be wary of what they’re getting themselves into. It’s important to be educated on these subject matters so that when the time comes, you can make the decision that is conducive to your framed or frameless shower door situation.

The Drawbacks:

* The cost can be an issue:

As a homeowner, you will have a number of choices for shower glass and glass partition walls for your home, but it may not adhere to your financial needs. Window glass replacement is an expensive investment. Frameless shower doors of higher quality can cost between $700-$1200.

* You are potentially sacrificing function:

While frameless shower doors are very visually pleasing, you are sacrificing functionality to a certain extent. Many people do not want to give up their framed shower doors because they have seals around the edges, which prevents water leakage from occurring. Frameless shower doors do not have seals and this can increase the likelihood of leakage. This will only occur if the door is not cut properly. You have to keep the shower design in mind when undergoing a process of this magnitude.

* Could negatively impact the value of your home:

Whether it’s replacing your glass shower windows or dealing with glass partition walls for your home, any project that you take on by yourself has the possibility of becoming a complete mess. If you make it a DIY project, you run the risk of causing the value of your home to depreciate. Trouble can arise down the road when you try to sell your home. Prospective buyers will take note of the inadequate job. The physical aesthetics of any home is vital to potential buyers. The minute flaw increases the chances of the deal falling through altogether. So those glass partition walls for your home, while it may seem ambitious to tackle this completely independently, the inherent ambition will not serve you when the project was done in a poor, sloppy manner.

* The glass needs to be tempered:

Unfortunately, one of the most efficient ways to prevent your glass from shattering is to implement tempered glass. Glass is a very sensitive material and manufacturers are starting to acknowledge this. While tempered glass significantly reduces the chances of glass being shattered, other forms of damage can still arise. This includes a build-up of water spots and soap scum, cracks, water leakage, to name a few.

* The position of the showerhead is important:

One of the biggest cons of installing a frameless shower door is the fact that you don’t have much flexibility in positioning the showerhead. The showerhead needs to be aimed towards the shower walls, not in the direction of the glass or doors. Failure to comply with these rules will increase the likelihood of water leakage.

* This is not a DIY Project:

The rule of thumb for most at-home projects, leave it to the professionals. In the event of something going horribly wrong, you would be worse off paying extra for someone to fix your mistakes. Frameless glass is not easy to physically handle. It requires a certain level of expertise and precision in order to properly install and maintain it.

* To replace or repair?:

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. There will be situations where a total shower window replacement is unnecessary. If you employ someone with the right skill-set and more importantly, your best interests in mind, they will help you navigate through all of the options that you need to seriously consider. This can be a difficult process for you as the homeowner because either way, this will prove to be a costly investment. As manufacturers are looking to recycle old materials, the price of the installation can change depending on what you are looking to have installed. Nowadays, materials that are discarded have the potential to be molded and reused for other purposes. The green movement is all about conserving what we have, and not doing anything that can cause further harm to our planet and ecosystem as a whole.

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