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Have You Ever Reconsidered Employee Happiness as a Business Strategy?

In a world where companies are more and more learning to be dependent on modern technology to improve their business, workers’ satisfaction got somewhat sidetracked. Employers count on high unemployment rates and unaspiring workers to help them improve their business operations, which is a policy bound to fail. Long gone are the days when workers toiled away for meager salaries all day long, as modern capitalism put employee happiness in the center of good business practices. That is why putting a smile on your workers’ faces is a valid business strategy that has the potential to increase general productivity.

However, you cannot just lavish gifts or money at employees, as happiness is not something that is activated by a push of a button. You need to develop a strategy that will help the workforce fall in love with the job they do and their passion will be the driving engine behind your company’s success. You definitely can’t order anyone to be happy but you can throw an incentive here and there to help them feel more relaxed and motivated at the same.

Encourage loyalty

The modern labor market is more fluctuant than even, which means that you easily lose a job but you can just as easily find another one. Your employees will definitely keep their options (and browser tabs) open for other employment opportunities, so you should assume an active role in securing their services in the future as well. The last thing you want is for your company to become a carousel of workers who are coming and going each month, generating a ton of paperwork and various costs and legal fees.

Instead of a loose employment policy, opt for a strong loyalty record. Provide your workers with freebies with the company logo, offer the paid leaves or room for advancement as part of a strategy to keep the workers loyal. As time goes by, they will learn to associate their corporate identity with your franchise and it would be hard for them to leave even if a better offer comes in. Even then, you should always counter the offer other firms make with an improved contract of your own for them.

Ask the employees what they want

One of the biggest stressful situations aspiring workers can experience in a company is not being able to influence the firm’s policy in any manner. If a person feels if they cannot contribute anything and that the management treats them as mere drone workers, then they are going to become anxious and you can say goodbye to their happiness. The lack of autonomy in the workplace eventually leads to workers quitting their job.

In order to prevent such scenarios, you need to create a system through which every worker would have an opportunity to reach the management and alert them to a potential problem or offer a novel method of doing things. Two-way communication is essential and if the employee is carrying out orders as they are supposed to, there is no way to prevent them from providing feedback. You could organize a regular poll among the workforce to find out if there are potential problems. This way, every single employee will feel as part of the collective in which his opinion is highly valued.

Customizing the office

There is another, seemingly trivial, area of business where workers should have a saying as well. They say that the devil is in the details but office workers simple know that it is so. Namely, the furniture and the equipment workers manipulate need to be ergonomic and safe to use. You can always take things one step further and call in a restoration company like Impecca Build to refurbish the whole office according to the employees’ best taste. Since they are the ones who will be spending most time inside the office it is only fair that they have the final say in terms of interior design.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for the employees to start an incentive, as you can regularly inspect the equipment and replace any malfunctioning pieces. Another detail that every employee will appreciate is ordering custom-tailored furniture. This way, the table will be just the right height and it will have the ideal number of drawers and compartments. To top it all off, you can order super comfy swivel chairs that will make it hard for any worker to leave such a post without thinking twice.

A perpetual casual Friday

Your HR department will most certainly start approaching you with ideas for team building activities. These are all nice but when you tell the workers that they are supposed to spend another three hours together after work, they won’t be jumping with joy. The thing is they all have personal lives and need to spend as much time with their respective children, spouses, and friends. Quality time off work is an advantage employees value a lot so let them have that time for themselves and do not meddle in their personal lives.

Instead, you can organize team building events with the work hours. That last hour of work in a day is unproductive anyway, so you can fit the team building activity inside it. This way, the workers have an ideal incentive and you are effectively increasing their productivity. Once they see that the office quiz or a table tennis tournament starts at 2 PM they will work hard to get all the tasks completed in time for the free round of drinks or to warm up before the big match.

All in all, happiness is an important factor in the world of business. If you are not satisfied with the job you perform or the company you are in charge of, this will show in the balance sheet. Smiles always translate into dollar bills since passion is the most expensive commodity when it comes to doing business. If you are lucky enough to round up a team of people who are genuinely happy to get up every day and come to the office then you are one step closer to success. This is by far the best business strategy you will have applied this year!




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