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Defining the 4 Core Principles of Agile Methodology

What is agile methodology?

Agile methodology. What is agile methodology? Methodology is “a system of methods used in a particular area or study or activity. Agile methodology is a system or method that is used in project management when used effectively can increase productivity. This methodology breaks the project(s) into segments referred to as sprints. This method requires constant collaboration and continuous improvement from all stakeholders (i.e. customers, project managers, and team members). This method has the ability to be effective and increase productivity, if implemented correctly. In order to implement the Agile Methodology we need to be aware of the 4 core principles of the Agile Methodology. Methodology for organizations can be implemented in great depth through the use of a scrum manager from “The Agile approach to software development is defined by its commitment to creating software incrementally.

Individuals > Tools

What is Agile methodology? It is the method of putting individuals and interactions before tools. This methodology is not saying to value tools, but to put relationships before tools. Why would this be necessary in a methodology? People are the fabric of every business. People are the ones who respond to tools. People are the ones who will use the tools. People – they drive the momentum behind each and every business. When tools are the main focus of a project, then that becomes our only focus. When the focus is on individuals and relationships then we become more able and more willing to meet the needs of the customer. The key value of this principle is to communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers. If you are not communicating efficiently and effectively, then you are not communicating, and you are more than likely not putting the customer first. However, in this process communication should be scheduled and content driven.

Working Software is Greater Than Comprehensive Documentation

The Agile methodology places working software before comprehensive documentation, this however does not negate the need for comprehensive documentation. It simply means that the project management team focuses on the working software more than the comprehensive documentation. Technicalities are important to the success of any system implementation, however, it should not be the sole focus of product implementation. Does using this methodology means we throw all documentation to the side? Absolutely not. Documentation still takes place, however the documentation is stream-lined so that it narrows the project to achieve a working and viable product or system. This core principle of the Agile Method does not eliminate documentation, put instead places emphasis on working software rather than the documentation of each specific technicality.

Customer Collaboration Equals Superior Customer Service

The third core principle of the agile methodology focuses on customer service, but not in the traditional sense of customer service. This methodology places the importance on collaboration with the customer rather than negotiating contracts. Negotiation and collaboration are similar concepts and often go hand in hand. However, when using the Agile methodology the emphasis is placed upon customer collaboration rather than contract negotiation. Is contract negotiation still I vital part of the system? Yes. Absolutely. It is not the sole focus of what the team is striving to accomplish. When the emphasis is on the contract, then the customer provides all requirements to the team prior to starting the concept/product, but that is where the communication and collaboration stopped. This process takes the customer through the entire process, communicating and collaborating along the way. This helps the development of the product/concept along because when changes arise, the customer is right there with you involved in the process(es).

Respond. Respond. Respond.

Businesses that are successful have the ability and the willingness to change as needed. The fourth principle of the Agile methodology zeroes in on this concept, respond to change as your plan develops and moves forward. Change is often considered an added expense, therefore, change is often avoided. The belief of this approach is that time provides added value to the end result. When you use this method in developing products or concepts you are able to make the methodology fit the needs and skills of your team rather than molding yourself into a different systematic approach that may or may not have the same end results.

Why Agile Methodology?

What is Agile methodology? It is a methodology software developers use to insure a positive outcome. Using the Agile methodology has shown to provide an increase in customer satisfaction, because the method insures that the team is in constant communication and collaboration with the customer. This methodology aligns business necessities with development, providing team members with a successful systematic system. The Agile methodology has become very influential in the software development world, as it provides customers and team members to see progress along the way in short snippets or as more commonly referred to in the software world, scrums. This methodology promotes customer participation and feedback continuously

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