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Creative Conversion: Making Sales is Much Easier With Infographics

Online sales across the globe have been increasing exponentially, with 47.3% of digital buyers out of the internet population has made online purchases in 2018.  Researchers have been analyzing data daily to determine what the best methods of attracting sales to businesses are, and companies are using this data to drive their advertising strategies.

One of the most consistently highly rated techniques is advertising using infographics.  These are simply informative graphics or visual representations of data.  These graphics are used to present information in a clearly defined way so that the data can be understood quickly and easily.

How Do Infographics Help a Business Make Sales?

Infographics are a form of designing your website to include aesthetically pleasing visuals on your page that naturally draw in consumers’ attention at the same time as they promote your product or service.

People, by nature, are less apt to read something if it is verbose and lengthy.  Getting your point across can be difficult if you can only use a few words, but combining those few words with graphics that are related to them helps simplify what you are trying to say and communicate your message clearly.

Visual data that shows what your product does and attracts the consumer often compels them to make a purchase that they may not have made if they had to scroll through information to determine what you were selling.

Infographics make communication materials attractive and easy to understand, simplify communication, and answer questions concisely and clearly.

Infographics Can Help Your Bottom Line

In addition to bringing in sales, infographics can help you cut costs and save money, ultimately increasing your revenue.

Hiring an Infographic Design Service to assist your business in creating visual data can reduce time spent on presenting research results and demographics in meetings, highlighting key points, creating instructional guides, and improving your sales kit by incorporating infographics into your pitch decks via tables, charts, and other graphics.

In fact, 84% of users of infographics consider them to be an effective marketing and business tool.

The Science Behind Infographics

Visual aids are known to increase retention of information by up to 400% since 90% of information that is transmitted to the brain is visual.  With the increase in ease of completing tasks due to smartphones and other technology, attention spans are shorter, so infographics get the point across in a way that most people comprehend.

In addition to the science behind infographics through the brain, they also work emotionally.  Consumers tend to shop by emotion – they fall in love with a shirt that they see if it is displayed in a picture with models more than if it were simply shown by itself on a page.  Infographic designers know this and use this science to create your personalized visual representations.

Quick, Concise and Easy

A picture is worth a thousand words, and infographics prove that old cliché is true.  It can also be worth a thousand sales (or more) if you use smart business sense and a professional infographic design service.

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