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Checklist For A Puppy Starter Kit

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Puppies are a bunch of joy for pet lovers and therefore if you wish to bring home a cute little puppy, we strongly recommend you the essentials mentioned below so that you can give it the best possible environment to enjoy and feel comfortable around.

1. A Dog Leash

You could go for either a long or a short leash, or you could keep both depending upon its requirements. Long leashes could be used sometimes in a while as it gives the dog some space to roam a bit more freely about and stretch itself. Short leashes could be preferred for taking your pet for a quick and sweet walk outside your house or in a park. Make sure that you do not expose your puppy to other puppies and dogs present on streets or in the parks before he has received proper vaccinations.

2. Dog collars and ID tags

It is advisable to opt for a softer leather collar or those made of Nylon so that it stretches out easily as and when the puppy grows and expands in size. Along with this, it is essential to attach ID tags to your dogs firmly. Make sure that the ID tag has your Name, your phone number and your current address mentioned on it. This makes it easier for finding your dog at the time when he gets lost. In addition to this, it is also recommended that you attach an additional ID tag that also specifies your Vet’s name along with his phone number.

3. Kennels, bed and crates for your puppies:

Puppy crates and beds need to be prepared well so that they are soft and comfortable, and your puppies feel warm to rest in it. Make sure to line the beds with an older blanket as he might tend to chew it. Also, make sure that the kennel has an appropriate dog door for large dogs.

Also, do consider a quieter and peaceful area for placing the kennel if you think of finding it. Your puppies would like to rest in a friendly and calm environment; therefore, make sure you select the most appropriate space to keep them comfortable.

4. Bowls for food and water:

While maintaining bowls for food and water, make sure to give more importance to hygiene. The food bowls made stainless steel are highly recommended since they are easier to clean and maintain proper health. Make sure to clean both bowls every day as well as the entire feeding area.

Ensure that the water in the water bowl is changed regularly, and fresh and clean water is provided to the puppy. If you plan on feeding your puppy with wet food, make sure that it is refrigerated properly and ensure that the dog consumes it within 15-20 minutes. If not, kindly discard the remaining food.

Another important point to keep in mind is to make use of a non-tip type of bowls or to provide plastic or a non-slip mat under the bowl to ensure that your dog feeds on the food properly without the possibility of slipping or spilling over the food.

5. Fun toys and chews for your puppy

While selecting toys and chews for your puppy, make sure to recommend your vet for suggestions as to what are the types that will be suitable for your puppy. Make sure to choose the perfect size, shape, and texture of the toys and chews you buy for your puppy, which are ideal for their growing jaws, teeth, and mouth. There are many doggy door installation sites which can provide pet door installation near me apart from suggesting appropriate toys for your pet.

Daily essentials

1. Toothbrush, paste, shampoos, combs, and brushes:

Selecting the right brushes and combs are highly essential since you need to go for those combs that are suitable for your puppy’s coat So that it remains tangle-free and healthy. It is recommended that you explore as to what are the options that are available and appropriate for your puppy’s breed.

While choosing for the right shampoo, make sure that shampoo has a perfect balance of pH and is suitable for your dog. Initially, you might find it a difficult task to brush your dog’s teeth, but if you train them while they are young, you will find it a more manageable task in the future.

2. Stain removals and deodorizers:

In the initial days, while training your dog, you might experience various accidents caused by your dogs. Therefore, it’s necessary that you always have a stain remover so that you can clean off the area and remove the stains. You could also make use of enzymatic deodorizers to clean off the field since if kept unclean, your dog might continuously go back to the area, smelling his personal scent.

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