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15 Digital Tools and Apps To Jumpstart 2018

We are living in an era where the term “technology” stands a deeper significance than it is thought upon. We are dependent so much on digitization that we eat, live and breathe it. Like, you want groceries, click a button and its delivered to your doorstep, you want to go somewhere, a cab can be availed by just some easy clicks. Alongside these, there are gallons of services that come for our utilization by simple and easy techniques. All you need is the appropriate device (like a phone or a computer) and the knowledge of using it. There are hosts of tools and apps present across the internet that has made their presence felt in the world of digitization by making human lives a lot more comfortable.

Here are the 15 exclusively interesting apps to get along in this year, that are created for the convenience of the common people and are available at the Android and iOS versions:

Timepage– this is digital which combines maps, events, weather and calendar services altogether and is created by the company Moleskine. Its targeted to the busy professionals who can keep a tab at all the works they have at hand.

Fantastical 2– this is easy to use app which is best suited for the people with packed schedules. A format which is simple and a feature of adding audio notes to any event makes it a very useful app for all.

Informant 5– for the wanderer of places this app proves beneficial as it displays the estimated time of arrival and also adjusts with the time zones of every place visited by the individual.

Peek calendar– this app is designed exclusively for the minimalists. It displays only the main events that are set up and the needful information about them.

CloudCal– it has a feature called “Magic Circles” which builds circles and provides colors to them depending on the schedule of the day. Its beneficial for people who lack the skill of time management.

Jorte– for the ones who like to keep a tab on what important tasks are pending throughout a week or a month, this app proves beneficial in all ways. It allows you to add notes and memos to the events set in the calendar and keeps it in an open view format for an easier reach.

Tiny calendar– this calendar app is synced directly to the Gmail account of the user and can also be operated when offline. Its a calendar app which allows you to view the content in several ways to track the details of the events.

DigiCal+– this app can be synced with your favorite TV and sports shows alongside the normal calendar events so that you don’t miss your personal amusements in the midst of busy work schedules.

Business calendar 2– it’s visually upgraded in the higher category and is designed according to the users need of a calendar that briefs out about all the events that are bound to take place from a week to a month’s time.

Cal-If you are juggling your personal and professional life then this app can be very useful for you. It automatically put in location data and contact invites when you create an event in it, so you don’t have to lose out on anything if you are really busy.

Accompany– this app is apt for the business executives. Its armed with features like “executive briefing” which emails the details of any meeting to the concerned person a night before the scheduled date.

aCalendar– with the age-old outlook and Google calendars being out of fashion, this personal calendar helps in accumulating all the needful events in one single app.

SaiSuke 2– this is a customized app to let the users set up themes and actions according to their choice of interests. The calendar comes in 11 formats to help you with your daily routine and schedule of work.– making a plan and not being able to fulfill it? Well, this app is here to help you with the transformation of your to-do list into the events of the calendar so that you don’t miss out on the important occasions of your life.

Awesome calendar– as is evident by its name, this app is awesome in letting you do everything under one roof, quite literally! It syncs data with other useful apps and manages the calendar events well to make life easier for all.

We see a revolution in the digital market with each passing year when much new-found technology is discovered and they come into effect in our daily lives. From the younger generation to the older ones, all are getting used to this lifestyle and are appreciating it as well. Not only in the urban areas, but digitization has also put an impact on the lives of the people of rural areas. They also tend to learn more about it and are racing steadily towards mastering the art of it.  

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