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Why Release Dietary Supplement Is Best For A Healthy Body

Weight loss has become very popular in recent years, maybe even fashionable, especially due to the high rate of obesity and the harmful diseases that come along with it. As a result, many options are available to people who wish to lose weight, and a few companies are starting to capitalize by creating unique programs. Various dieting programs are available, all to differing results and dieting restrictions.  Each year, thousands join gyms and start intricate weight-loss programs only to be disappointed with the results or lose interest over time. Though diet and exercise should be your primary focus, sometimes people can use a little help in losing weight. For some people losing weight is difficult and may feel impossible, nevertheless, multiple factors explain why it might be hard to lose weight; genetics, metabolism and even your hormones may play a role in your weight gain or why you find it so hard to lose weight.

If only weight-loss was as easy as taking a pill. Luckily, the team at GOLO has developed an all-natural, plant-based supplement to aid in your weight-loss journey.

Release, GOLO’s new metabolic supplement, works to regulate hormones and combat insulin resistance, helping to increase metabolic efficiency, lessen cravings and activate weight-loss. Additionally, when used with GOLO’s meal plans, the results are incredible. If you wish to know more about this dietary supplement, continue reading because we will touch upon the product’s ingredients and what makes it so effective.

The Release dietary supplement contains numerous plant-based properties which help to stimulate weight-loss while aiding in other areas. The following are the primary ingredients:

1.Banaba Leaf Extract

The Banaba plant is found in South Asia. Its inner properties help with various aspects of diabetes as well as weight loss. The Banaba leaf helps maintain a healthy amount of glucose within the blood amongst other areas that use glucose as a source of energy. Glucose is a sugar that the body uses for energy which emanates from food. As an excessive amount of sugar leads to weight gain, the Banaba leaf lowers the blood glucose levels in people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. It has also been found to help the body use its insulin more efficiently.

2.Rhodiola Rosea

This plant has acted as a means of reducing fatigue and improving endurance in the human body. Being that one’s metabolism works more efficiently when the body is in motion, this property helps keep you awake and full of energy to keep the body burning sugar. This extract uses an enzyme called AMPK or adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase which helps to burn body fat.


Another important property in the Release dietary supplement is the trace mineral Zinc and its correlation with insulin produced by the body. Insulin is a hormone that helps store and distribute sugars that comes from food. Zinc helps produce better insulin; it stores and matures insulin more efficiently, which is far better for the body in the long run. It has also been noted that obese people tend to have low levels of Zinc in their bodies.


Another trace mineral in the pill is Chromium; this property helps the body stimulate glucose metabolism in the blood. This is beneficial because the body uses and breaks down the sugar into energy, which does not end up being stored within the body leading to weight gain. Apart from this, Chromium improves one’s metabolism and puts into further use, which exhausts more calories, thus losing weight.

All of these plant-based ingredients that have been mentioned help perform many tasks that help its users lose weight. Also mentioned above where many bodily properties that are negatively affected by poor diet, which GOLO’s pills get back on track. The following are some consequences of poor health which the Supplement pill can remedy, along with diet and exercise.

1.Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is when the insulin hormone in the muscles, fat, and liver do not react or ignores the signals to distribute the body’s sugars to the necessary areas of the body. There are many factors that form part of insulin resistance such as genetics, ethnicity, and age, but the primary factor is obesity, lack of exercise, smoking, and more.

2.Imbalanced Hormones

Hormones contribute a lot to the body and how the body responds to those hormones. An imbalance in hormones is caused by a number of different factors such as obesity and poor diet. Hormones generally regulate many of the bodies natural cravings, metabolism, appetite, and sleep mattress, all of which affect a person’s weight.

3.Metabolic Efficiency

The faster your metabolism is the more calories you will burn when you are active and at rest, while a slower metabolism does not burn as many calories which leads to obesity. Factors that slow your metabolism include a poor diet, your genetic make-up, hormones, and a lack of sleep. Along with dieting and exercise, the Release dietary supplement helps improve your metabolism.

As you can see, using all of these ingredients together creates a major difference. People on Release, have experienced their blood pressure lowering, better sleep patterns, and of course, weight-loss. After nine years of research, GOLO has invested their time and energy into creating a system that is easy to use and provides effective results. GOLO helps deal with some of the root causes of  weight loss issues and helps you lose weight while not depriving the body of the necessary nutrients it needs.

A poor diet can lead to many critical issues pertaining to one’s health, especially with the amount of processed and sugary foods we consume on a regular basis. If these products aren’t broken down properly, they are stored as fat. As a result, GOLO has also created the GOLO for Life Program, a metabolic meal plan which can be used with Release to help the user lose weight. So, if you are tired of crazy and expensive weight-loss programs and you are looking for something natural and more in tune with your lifestyle,  Try GOLO .

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