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Why is it important to keep your ID card printer clean?

Printers can be tricky things, and the thought of cleaning one probably doesn’t sound appealing. These type of printers, like any other, are prone to always attract a certain amount of dust and dirt build-up.

However, like most machines or appliances in your office or your home, your ID card printer cleaning routine is one of the most important parts of keeping your printer running optimally and efficiently. If you take the time and the resources to invest in a quality plastic card printer, it only makes sense that you take the time to clean it on a regular basis, otherwise you may risk having to replace it.

How often do I need to clean my ID card and badge printer?

Most ID card and badge printer manufacturers recommend cleaning your printer each time you change the ribbon. By doing this, you can greatly reduce the chances of tiny debris within the system from damaging internal components, like the printhead, which can be very expensive to replace.

What do I need to clean my ID card printer?

The most important thing to remember is to always use genuine cleaning kits, swabs and cards, from the printer manufacturer, as they are specifically engineered for your printer model. It’s easy to order replacement kits when ordering new ribbons, from ID Card Suppliers, such as ID Cards Direct.

Using the correct cleaning kit recommended by your ID card printer manufacturer ensures you are doing a good job, as these products are designed for your exact model of printer and won’t compromise any part of your machine.

The best thing about using these kits is that there is virtually no-mess! Cleaning swabs and cards are pre-treated with cleaning solution, so you don’t have to handle or measure out any chemicals, it is all done for you, so it couldn’t be any easier!

How do I know my ID card printer is dirty?

The best thing to do to keep your printer clean is to create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Don’t wait until issues occur to clean the printer. If you wait until you encounter problems, you’ll likely end up damaging your printer. This can result in unnecessary expenses for repairs and replacement parts. It’s also a good idea to keep blank ID cards and spare ribbons packed away so you do not risk inserting a dirty card into the printer for processing.

Signs your ID card printer needs a good clean:

– Poor image or print quality

– Card jams and card feeding mishaps

– Ink ribbons keep tearing or breaking

Some of the above can be difficult to put right even after cleaning, so you really don’t want to get to that stage before you start cleaning and maintaining your printer. As soon as you notice any changes to the printer’s performance it is worth giving it a clean, to iron out any immediate problems.


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