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The Top Five Reasons To Have SOC Assessments

In today’s era, businesses and other institutions are falling prey to cyber attacks and online hackers who exploit weak mainframes and do a lot of damage. Just a few years ago this trend in cyber attacks began and it has gained mass attention since The White House and other government buildings fell victim to these attacks. Since then, these attacks have only increased and the strategy these hackers use has only gotten more sophisticated and conniving as cyber awareness has increased.

SOC assessments have become an integral aspect of cyber awareness and prevent these sorts of attacks from happening. This digital diagnostic reads the risk levels of your mainframe. If you are a business owner and you are concerned with the safety of your mainframes, continue reading because we will provide a guide to understanding SOC assessments and what the assessment encompasses.  

What does SOC Stand For?

SOC stands for Security Operations Center. This is a security system that monitors all of the sensitive information stored on a computer or mainframe. Things such as applications, databases, servers, and networks are targets for malware. SOC is a cocktail of firewalls, anti-malware software, and spam filters, which is why having one is so important.

Why It Should Be Regularly Monitored For Suspicious Activity?

As mentioned above, SOC assesses the mainframe to determine whether there is a risk of hackers and any other forms of malware corrupting your system. It is important that businesses participate in this assessment because there is a lot at stake, especially the distribution of sensitive information which can be detrimental to your business.

For businesses and governmental institutions, cybersecurity should be imperative because their customer’s interests and records are held within. A cyber-attack does just hurt you but them as well. The following list is some reasons why you, as a business owner, should invest your time and money into the enhancement of cybersecurity.

1. Reducing Risk Levels

As part of the guide to understanding SOC assessments, you have to know which part of your mainframe and software is vulnerable; these are spots where hackers can easily infiltrate and corrupt your system. With continued analysis and assessments on the safety of your mainframe and its risk level, there is only room to improve the weakness in your security system. If there is a flaw in your system, such as an obsolete security system, then the best course of action to take is to switch to a newer, more effective security system.

2. 24/7 Software Monitoring

SOC services offer around the clock management and surveillance of your company’s software and mainframe activity. Not only is this meant to help improve your security awareness but suspicious and malicious activity is detected and dealt with when its first detected. This is of the utmost importance because when malware is detected on a computer’s mainframe, you and the security experts must act swiftly in order to crush the intruder and his malware before it does any damage.

3. Increasing Cyber Awareness

With all the additions and updates that mainframes receive, cyber awareness is something that must be taught to those who are working within the business. This is crucial because those employees who work with emails, social media or any inbound software have to be aware of what to click and open, and what to leave alone. Letting in hackers and malware is as easy as clicking open mail within the company’s email inbox. An example of this can be seen with the hacker who infiltrated the White House’s mainframe; a person working with the White House’s social media team clicked open a link for a family vacation site and the mainframe was immediately corrupted. Education is always the best form of protection and if everyone knows what to look for, the threat of an attack decreases.

4. It Saves Money

Hiring a security team that can perform this task for you is expensive. Businesses, particularly, small businesses may not have the funds to invest in a security team. By simply downloading an SOC system onto your computer or mainframe you can save a lot of money. SOC systems help protect multiple aspects of a company’s mainframe without having it break the company’s bank account.

5. Threat Reports

Whenever a threat has been detected, a report is made to inform business owners or the security team, if you’ve hired one. Now, the problem that arises with these reports is that they’re sent to multiple locations. If the company’s cybersecurity is decentralized or not in one location, it can delay a course of action to combat the malware. As explained in the guide to understanding SOC assessments, these threat reports are sent to one location where it can be acted upon quickly. These threats have to be acted upon quickly because if they are given the opportunity to establish themselves, the consequences can be devastating.

All businesses should employ the services of SOC services or a cybersecurity team because they can help prevent many of the threats that are found on the internet. As it turns out, businesses, educational institutions, and government buildings are the ones who are most vulnerable to cyber attacks and hackers. Their prime targets are establishments who have weak security systems and being that many people don’t know how to prevent malware corrupting their systems, many are at risk.

Implementing a security operations center (SOC) onto your computer or mainframe you can increase your cybersecurity, especially if you are a business that has people’s sensitive information on file. Implementing SOC systems can also educate those who work with these mainframes about what they should look out for and what to click on because it only takes one click to let a hacker in and corrupt your system. Cyber awareness is something that all people, not just business owners, should know about because cyber malware has now become a global threat affecting lots of people. From malware and ransomware to phishing, everyone is a target to cybercriminals. All the necessary steps should be taken in order to prevent this threat.          

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