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The Modular Magnaframe Is The Coolest Way To Display Photos

Magnetic Picture Frames are a fun way to display your photos

You definitely have a huge stack of excellent photos that you want properly displayed. Even if you don’t have them already printed, you will want to print them. And once you have them printed, you should have a proper way to display them, right? If this is a problem familiar to you, you are definitely not the only one.

Sure, displaying a photo is not a very difficult topic. But making it really special is. People have good photos and they want to make sure they are properly displayed. And there are a lot of possibilities, including magnetic photo frames. Let’s go over the main ones and see which works the best for you:

Using A Simple Collage Frame For Your Photos

This is a simple magnetic photo frames solution that will work really well for you if you want something simple and cheap. You can use it to display photos of any kind or size, thanks to its adaptable design. It has a cool, vintage look making it ideal for photos that have similar tones and hues. Each photo frame comes with a separate set of magnets that are very adaptable. This will help you attach multiple photos and update your collection effortlessly. No more pushpins required!

Using A Photo Mobile

Mobiles are not limited to baby’s nurseries anymore. You can use any of the multiple photo mobiles available on the market to showcase your best photos to your guests! It’s an unexpected way to display them and your guests will definitely love them. The design is versatile, mobile and it works great in virtually any setting – from your baby’s room to your office! Crafted from slender wires and featuring a branched, balanced design, the mobile is ideal to hold paper art, photos, and other small displays. Some assembly might be required, but once you are done, it’s there to stay – durable and stylish, for every room!

Photo Wall Decals

This is ideal if you have a star photo that you love immensely. It works especially great when you already have a wall that needs a bit of redecorating – a fabulous photo will do the job perfectly. Fortunately, there are many companies that can help you turn a photo into a decal. The costs are low and the time required to get everything done is very decent. You will only need to pay attention to the application procedure – but you will get guidance and assistance from the company which created the decal. There are multiple solutions to make the process easier to do if you are not experienced. Modern decals can be easily moved, repositioned and put up back on the wall without any issue. You can redecorate your room whenever you want it.

Making Mini Photo Magnets

Magnetic Picture Frames are a fun way to display your photos. Your friends, family, and guests will definitely love this amusing way of showcasing your work. There are multiple companies that can turn your beloved photos into small magnets that can be applied to any metallic surface! You just stick them to your fridge, or a metallic rack, or a bulletin board in your office and you can have an amazing display of your photographic work. It’s a fun way to display art and it makes everything more visible, easy to understand and enjoy. This can also become a great way to display the artwork created by your children! They will love to play with the magnets, share with friends and expose their artistic creations.

Create Custom Photo Pillows

Having your photo printed on a pillow? That sounds amazing! And it’s possible – there are many companies which can help you print your favorite photos on any type of textile or pillow. A photo pillow can add personality and bring excitement to any room, regardless of its destination. It can also be a great gift idea for your children, for your parents or for anyone you want to impress with your artwork.

The Magnaframe

Magnaframe is one of the coolest magnetic picture frames to display your photos. It’s an amazing modular frameset (similar to a 6-pack) which lets you completely design the layout of small photos, as you see fit. The size of the frame is ideal for polaroid-sized photos or smaller.

The system is very simple: there is one fixed frame that is hanging on a wall or a vertical surface and five additional independent frames that are “glued” together magnetically. This means you can build a frame to any shape imaginable – you just stick to the first fixed frame and then build any shape you want with the remaining ones. You can also use multiple sets to create a more complex design. There are a lot of designs possible, you just have to use your imagination! Displaying photos around the house will be easier than ever and, most importantly, they will look spectacular with magnetic photo frames! The Magnaframe also makes an incredible gift for your loved ones. It’s cheap, easy to use, immensely adaptable and can be a great addition to any home!

A Massive Photo Collage

Magnetic picture frames collage is a great way to make a bold statement when displaying your artwork. It will take a lot of work and most of it will have to be done by yourself. You will have to select the photos, decide the order, the layout, how many you want and how they should look like together. The printing is easy – you can get it professionally done at any printing company or you can do it yourself. The same goes for framing and matting – you can choose any model you want. The key is to have the collage done right and it must look impressive from a distance. The system is expandable – you can continue to add sets to the wall limitless and create your own personal gallery. You can literally see your artworks grow on your wall and everyone can enjoy them.

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