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Methods You Can Opt To Take Good Care Of Your Beloved Trucks:

Being a truck driver it is your duty to keep your truck safe and maintained. Regular maintenance of your beloved trucks can result in better work efficiency and low maintenance and service cost of your truck. Parking them in secure trailer drop yards can help in security and protection of your trucks from the outer harms.

As a brokerage company, we have seen a lot of trucks that end up before journey because they were not maintained properly or were not parked at secure trailer parking. So, through our today’s blog, we will share some of the tips that can help you to maintain your trucks and can ensure you to find a secure trailer drop yards for your truck.

Tips that can help you to maintain your trucks into a good shape:

Only hire a professional technician and driver for your valuable truck: 

Dealing with heavy-duty trucks is not an easy job and requires a professional who can maintain them and drive them. You should only hire qualified drivers and the same applies to your technicians who would be working to maintain them. Giving your vehicles in hands of experienced driver ensure that your vehicles are driven carefully and your technicians are knowledgeable enough to deal with any problems that crop up during or after the order.

Get them regularly checked after long distance:

Hauling long distances are tough for your vehicle. Servicing your truck on a regular basis or getting them serviced just after they have been traveled to a long distance can protect them from breakdowns. So, get them serviced right after before making any delays.

Keep them clean: 

Your truck would be passing through all dirt and mud to complete your consignments. So, it becomes your prime duty to clean them thoroughly to maintain their beauty and shape. It not only means cleaning from the exterior, but you also need to clean interiors too and don’t forget the undercarriage that often contains dirt and mud from previous loads.

Keep a check on your radiator: 

Always check whether the fluids in your trucks are proper or is there any leakage in your truck before getting them on road. If something like that occurs, just get it repaired as soon as possible. Your little negligence can lead you to great losses. Avoiding maintenance of your radiator can result in replacing the engine. It can cost you a great amount of money so don’t let it get this far.

Inspect all the tires properly: 

Before taking your truck on long trips check and inspect the conditions of your truck’s tires properly. Make sure that tire pressure is enough to carry out loads at such long distances.

Park them at secure trailer drop yards: 

Secure trailer drop yards are the places where you can keep your heavy or medium duty trucks and other vehicles for a few hours to days. Secure trailer parking provides 24-hour security to your trucks along with their specialized staff that is always present there to look after your trucks. They keep a full record of check-ins and check out of the trucks and have electric gates that cannot be entered without entering a code. By keeping your trucks at such places while you are out for resting or taking money protects them from roadside accidents and any undesirable happenings. They may cost you some extra charges but don’t forget these charges are very less as compared to the security of your trucks.

Features of an efficient secure trailer drop yards:

Take total care of your trucks: these secure trailer parking have a well proficient staff to look after your trucks and watch that no one causes harm to them. They have security CCTV cameras and some of them even have electric gates that cannot be passed out without giving a specific code or card.

Overnight and day parking: secure trailer drop yards provide you overnight parking under full CCTV surveillance and allows you to access your trucks without any barriers of timings. You can take your truck anytime under their 24/7 security.

Good spacing at less cost: think about parking your trucks in ordinary parking. That is too tight and congested that you have to wait too long to carry out your trucks. But these yards provides you enough space at very convenient prices.

We hope that you use these tips to maintain your trucks in better shape. Trucks are not as easy to maintain like other vehicles. They require some extra care and time to time service and need to be looked after by a professional person. So, being the owner of your truck it becomes your responsibility to look after your truck in an efficient manner and give them in safe hands that are capable enough to take care of them.



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