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Meeting Magic - A Guide to Using Technology in Meetings

Modern business has definitely grown up. With technology leading to the tone and tempo of industry, businesses worldwide find themselves playing catch up in an ever-evolving race. The need to stay on top of the dynamic tech scene is also very relevant for many Australian businesses as well.

With offices fit out with artificial intelligence that confounds its users to offices that exist only in virtual space, it is no wonder that many Australians are still confused by the antiquated smart station. However, even with technology’s many difficulties, it is an amazing the way even the smallest tasks can be made more effective and effective through technology. Nowhere is this more present than your standard office meeting.

Businesspeople having a business meeting

Continue reading to learn more about how you can effectively use technology in your business meetings.

Meeting Logistics

One of the best aspects regarding technology is that developers have made technology more efficient, effective and less intrusive for many Australian businesses. Meeting, conference, and boardrooms are currently fitted out with the latest technologies. Furthermore, these technologies also lend themselves to providing ingenious ways to communicate with others without them necessarily being present.

For one, video-conferencing capabilities make it possible for people to meet with others in separate locations. Moreover, with the numerous online audio and video apps, smaller businesses have taken advantage of scheduling meetings at their own convenience. In fact, the virtual office and other alternative formats have forged a way for remote-workers to function much in the same way standard offices function. View Servcorp Australia’s site at to see the many ways that technology has transformed the modern business meeting.

The Smart Station Transformation

One of the ways technology can be used more effectively in today’s business meetings is through the many incarnations of the smart station. Traditionally, the smart station was a computer/projector with internet capabilities. In addition to presenting visuals, presenters could use audio capabilities, if needed. This was meeting paradise. Presenters no longer had to drag loads of paperwork and material to a meeting, as the smart station made it possible to hold paperless meetings.

Newer versions of the smart station have touch screens which allow hosts to draw diagrams, calculate math problems, and perform a variety of other functions. This function, alone, makes it possible for hosts to easily organize a presentation for meeting attendees, and it makes it easy to disseminate information to others in a timely manner. More significantly, those in attendance can easily jot down information by plugging into any device, which is especially good for taking minutes, note taking and real-time research.

Online Hubs

In no other area has technology made work so convenient and efficient. For one, entire meetings can be held online eliminating the need for an on-site space. With online apps that allow businesses to document share, to send and submit information, that allow people to communicate in real time, team members can meet at any time of the day or night.

The day where everyone sat around the office waiting for a conference call to start has all but disappeared in a day and age when calls are through your computers. This technology, in addition to online chat and messaging, has removed the obstacles associated with holding meetings in virtual space. For your business in Melbourne, in Sydney, in Brisbane, or any other Australian metropolis, technology saves you tons of money in terms of not having to travel and in not having to lease office space every day of the month.

Technology As A Tool And Resource

Your modern-day business meeting can run more efficiently and smoothly simply through these technological advances. Technology has made it possible to harness its power in ways that reduce the amount of effort it takes to be more productive. In no places is this more apparent than your typical office meeting.

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