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Make your life a little easier and safer with lifeline alarms

As we age everything starts to decline, it natural and part of life and the aging process. Everything takes extra time and due to that process the aging tends to lose a lot of independence due to decline in balance, being home alone when an emergency has occurs and no one around to assist. With so much uncertainty that is where lifeline alarms come in and help you regain your independence to get your life back. Below we will review the benefits of owning a lifeline alarm system.

What is lifeline?

Lifeline is an alarm for the elderly who provides 24 hours alarm monitoring, no matter the time of day, (day or night). Help is always a push of a button for any situation in need. Managed by emh homes, a not-for-profit housing organization. Knowing that help is just a push of a button helps bring back confidence and independence where you can live on your own longer with peace of mind.

Who Benefits from the alarm?

Lifeline is available for the elderly who still live on their own. People who have been recently discharged from hospital and require additional support. If you are homebound and unable to get out of the house to visit your doctor. If you are vulnerable whether you are young, elderly or disabled. Any person living with a long term chronic condition and not limited to only medical concerns but just a peace of mind knowing you are being monitored and have 24 hour access to help at any given time.


When it comes to your safety, you cannot place a price on it. With the economy being hard on everyone it really impacts the elderly due to having limited income. Lifeline alarms provide great 24 hour service at an affordable price that is easily manageable on a tight budget.

Do not put yourself at risk with falls or an emergency where you need medical attention and unable to get help. Do not give up your freedom and your place where you call home, keep your independence and live comfortably knowing that you have a service that monitors you 24 hours a day. Give yourself that peace of mind that you can live your life to the fullest at any age or disability with that extra helping hand that you can call your guardian angel. Life is too short so live your life with Lifeline by your side.

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