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How To Get The Best Nail Finish At Home

Getting the best nail finish at home is easier than you think, but you must purchase the IBD gel nail polish ad a starter kit with all the tools you need. You could use the nail polish to smooth over your finish, and you will find that you could make your own professional finish. You need to learn how to use the gel kit, what it entails, and the colors that you can use.

1. What Is In The Nail Kit?

The nail kit that you have chosen should come with the IBD builder gel clear, and you should have a look at the colors that are included. Each kit comes with different colors, and it could have mixed colors that are supposed to come out in a swirl or stripes. You could get a nail kit that comes with fake nails, or you might get a nail kit that comes with brushes, a straightedge that allows you to clean up around the nail, and a tool that will let you draw shapes around the nail.

2. Why Do You Use The Gel Polish?

The gel polish that you have chosen will be very smooth, and it will shine because of how it is made. You do not need to do anything extra to the polish, and you have to be sure that you have chosen a kit that has all gel polish. The gel polish that you are getting should be in colors that you like, and it should be thick enough that it will settle and remain shiny regardless of how often you must replace it.

3. Dry Slowly

You need to dry your nails as slowly as possible because they will not get any shinier if you use a heating element. A heating element will cause your gel polish to come out with a matte finish. You should find a place to relax while you are drying your nails, and you need to be sure that you have not jostled your nails or touched them. You will have soft splotches on the nails if you touch them before they are dry. You need to have a place to rest while your nails dry, and you should try to do this in the middle of the day so you have time to dry your nails before you leave the house for the night.

4. Draw With A Special Tool

you can draw shapes on your nails with a tool that is included int he kit. The tool that you use will not cause your nails to turn out with a matte finish, and you can wash this tool before using it again. There are many ladies who can draw art on their nails, and they could even layer colors on their nails that will swirl as they are drawing. Someone who is trying to make their nails look unique needs to have a kit that also has stamps that will make lovely art on their nails.

5. Paint Slowly

You need to paint your nails slowly so that you can get the softest finish. You need to allow the gel polish to sink into your nail, and there are many brush styles in the kit that will cover your nails no matter how large they are. There are many women who want to paint their own nails, but they cannot do that with anything more than a tiny brush that comes in a standard bottle of nail polish. You are much better off using the larger brushes in the kit because those brushes can help you paint your nails perfectly, cover the whole nail, and create a thinner layer that is easier to dry.

6. Conclusion

The nail finish that you get from the kit depends on how you deploy your polish. You can use nail polish as a way to make yourself look much more stylish, and you could deploy these gel policies every day because you want to use a new color. The IBD gel nail polish can be used to draw shapes, and you should dry the polish slowly to get the smooth shine you want. The IBD builder gel clear polish and kit make nail art possible.

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