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How To Bring Your Dream of Being a Scuba Diver to Life

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Imagine sitting effortlessly on the ocean floor and looking up to see the sun gleaming through the crisp blue water. I would say this is my favorite thing to do while I scuba dive but there is simply too much I enjoy doing, I couldn’t possibly choose! How can you decide between mesmerizing ecosystems and beautiful sea creatures?

If you made it to this article I can assume you’re wondering how to become a scuba diver and what the process entails. Or you’re already a certified scuba diver and want to know when you can advance and most importantly how you should advance?


Before we go over how to get scuba certified, it’s important to accomplish a few tasks before getting certified. First and foremost, you will need to be an excellent swimmer; for safety precautions it’s encouraged to be an expert swimmer before you attempt to go scuba diving. Scuba diving is a euphoric and exhilarating activity but it can be life-threatening if not taken seriously.

After you have had some time to master swimming, it’s time to get some scuba diving equipment. A lot of dive shops will offer equipment packages, especially in Miami. However, since you’re only a beginner, there’s no reason to invest in a full set of scuba gear just yet. The first thing you’re going to want to purchase is a mask and snorkel.

You will not be using a snorkel when you scuba dive, but it’s a good idea to be in the water and get used to having your whole body under the water for an extended period. It’s not uncommon for people to get scared or claustrophobic their first-time scuba diving because its an environment like no other, and you’re fully submerged which most people haven’t experienced in their lifetime. So get a mask and snorkel and give yourself a couple of practice runs before the real thing! Don’t worry, if practiced correctly it’s not a scary thing to do at all! Some people just find it overwhelming.

After you have been in the water with your mask and snorkel on it’s time to get some fins. Once you’ve mastered swimming, the fins will accelerate you and help you swim faster underwater. You may also want to think of investing in a wet suit if you’re environment calls for it. Like I said above if you’re not sure what direction your scuba career is going in, then I would advise you to not purchase Florida scuba gear packages right off the bat. However, if you have been waiting your whole life to get scuba certified, you love the ocean and scuba diving is 100% for you then I encourage you to follow your dreams and get scuba diving equipment packages from local dive shops in Miami – they constantly run good promotions and discounts.


Now that you have most of your starting equipment it’s time to sign up for your scuba class! There are multiple classes that you can choose from and even more companies that offer them. Sometimes in Florida dive shops will release scuba gear packages for beginners, meaning that if you pay for a scuba course they may give you a discount on some scuba gear, or vice versa. Now it’s time to decide which course is best for your needs. If you think that you want to get scuba certified but you’re a little nervous about going down into the open ocean for the first time? No worries, you’re not alone. That’s why some dive shops offer a “discover scuba” course, it’s a scuba session in a deep pool so you can see how you like it and see if scuba diving is truly something you want to try. Not every dive shop offers this intro course, but some do.

My sister is terrified of almost everything when I asked her to get scuba certified it was a hard and solid no for a long time. Until I found the discover scuba course and she agreed to try it! Although she didn’t end up liking it (whoops), we didn’t have to waste money on an extensive course since we knew it wasn’t right for her. Don’t worry if you’re like me and know that scuba diving is for you and you don’t want to waste money/time on a practice course, North Miami Divers has a course for you, a scuba diving package without equipment in Miami called PADI– open water diver course and you can book it online. The open water diver course has two main parts, the first part is an eLearning course (an online class) and the second half is when you get to finally hop in the water. If you don’t have a laptop or you feel more comfortable with a physical book you can opt to finish the course work in person with an instructor.


Once you pass your open water diver course, you are free to start diving anywhere and everywhere! If you have the passion to learn more about diving and want to possibly make a career out of it, there are many more courses available for you to take! If spearfishing is something you might be interested in you should take a look at a Freediving course! It specializes in confined water sessions to learn breathing techniques. The goal is to achieve static apnea of 90 seconds after you finish your course. This can be applied during spearfishing activities, minimal equipment helps you blend in and be stealthy around fish! You could also complete the PADI- adventure diver course after your OWDC to advance your diving skills. If you have plans of advancing passed your open water certification, I strongly recommend looking for scuba gear packages in Florida, gear can be rather expensive and if you get it in a package it could end up saving you money!

Hopefully, I have given you all the information you need to become the ultimate scuba diver, and maybe even inspired you to take your scuba diving to the next level.

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