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Finding The Right Senior Care in Hillsborough County

find the right senior center in Hillsborough County

No matter where you are located, having the peace of mind that your loved ones are cared for and comfortable, is invaluable. Having elderly family members or loved ones who simply cannot fully take care of themselves is a heartbreaking and tough situation to be in. Yes, nursing homes are an option but they can be wildly expensive and you are putting the health and well being of your loved one in the hands of someone you may not know very well. It can seem daunting and leave you frustrated. But if you are unable to find the right senior center in Hillsborough County there is another option. Having the care come to the home of the person in need is often a solution that can vastly help all parties involved. Not only is it a cheaper solution but it keeps the elderly patient at home in their comfort zone and they do not have to deal with the issue of moving into an unfamiliar environment. While there are a ton of St. Petersburg senior centers, a large number of people are utilizing at-home services that alleviate a lot of problems faced when admitting a loved one into a traditional nursing home. Having compassionate and highly trained nurses come to the home of the elderly patient is something that will really benefit the person in need of care. Let’s talk about some of those reasons.

1. Low overhead for the client

When you choose at-home care instead of a St. Petersburg senior center you are electing to pay less money. Why you may ask? Well, first off there is a huge financial obligation when you use a traditional senior center in Hillsborough County. Food, lodging, nursing staff, entertainment and the countless other fees that go along with staying at a traditional nursing home are just a few examples of where the money will be spent. When you use an at-home care service you are mitigating most of those fees. The main fee you are paying is for the nurse to accompany the person in need. What is great about this is if you work most of the week you can send the nurse home and stay with your elderly family member(s)  on the weekends, in turn cutting some of the costs associated with someone staying with them seven days out of the week. Another huge benefit is that the caregivers are able to assist the patient with errands, doctor appointments, and any other thing they may need over the course of a day. This is a huge added bonus.

2. The caregiver

Something that sticks out more than anything when you choose at-home care instead of a St. Petersburg senior center is the ability to handpick the caregiver that will be spending time and doing a lot of interacting with your elderly loved one. Varying personalities are recurring themes when it comes to any kind of care. If you have someone that your elderly family member does not like, it is going to make it extremely difficult for everyone involved in that person’s care. You want to be able to have someone reliable, authentic, and professional that can also be fun and down to earth. Keeping your loved one socially active and engaged is also very important for their well being and mindstate. You also may want someone with good experience who knows how to handle difficult situations that may arise during the care process. Home healthcare services allow their clients to maintain their independence and dignity by helping them with their daily tasks. These tasks include, but are not limited to providing hygienic care (bathing and grooming), preparing and serving meals, medication retrieval, and monitoring, and providing much-needed socialization, friendship, and support. Without these key elements, at-home care can become unproductive. At large in house facilities, you may run into the problem of not knowing who exactly is taking care of your family member or elderly loved one. This can create problems especially if there is any discontent or ill feelings. Knowing who is caring for them is a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders.

3. Quality of life

Having a high quality of life as you age becomes very important. When humans grow older the risk of alzheimers and dementia become very real problems and possibilities. Having a comfortable quality of life and staying social can help alleviate some of the early signs of these horrible problems. Having someone who can drive a patient to a card game at a friend’s house or to other family members is almost invaluable. A large portion of Alzheimer’s patients experience an accelerated rate of symptoms once they are taken out of their homes and placed in a facility. The feeling of the unknown and fear that comes along with that can really hurt someone who is experiencing the horrible disease. Keeping them comfortable in their own home can really help in this process.

Having comfort in knowing that your family member is cared for in the comfort of their own home is something that is precious. The elderly should be treated with fairness and dignity and most of the time, if it is possible, at-home care should be considered.With at-home services, the healthcare professionals from these agencies provide their clients and family members with the quality of life that they deserve in this stage of their existence. As with all of their services, they seek to maintain a high level of personal dignity and respect for your loved one at all times.

Recent studies have shown that seniors who stay social and engaged have a higher quality of life than those who don’t. Additionally, it is also found that those that are mentally active have a lower tendency to develop depression or suffer from general cognitive decline. Because of this, the caregivers provide a friendly company, conversation, and mealtime companionship. All are key to keeping your loved ones occupied and positive. Consider at-home care!

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