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Few Uses of Personal Safety Alarms That Make Them A Must-Have Device

It happens more than often that people are under the impression that personal safety alarms are a bad investment. In this upcoming article, we will look at a few reasons why personal safety alarms are must-haves, especially for the households with an elderly loved one. A human body becomes quite fragile with age and it requires constant attention for its well-being. For this cause, the independence of the elderly is often curbed by their concerned family members. The question is – can we, living in this technologically-advanced era, do nothing about this?

Personal Alarms For the Elderly are one of the brightest examples of successful incorporation of technology with medical science. The need of these highly-senstive, easy-to-use, and quick responsive personal safety alarms is more than mere obvious. Be it the mental peace of the family members with an elderly member, independence of an elderly citizen, immediate clinical assistance, or such other, the care of personal safety alarms solves many problems.

Here are a few uses of Personal Safety Alarms that make them a necessary device to have.

Immediate Clinical Assistance

Most of the mishap cases in the elderly reach a fatal end due to a lack of immediate medical attention. For instance, falls are one of the leading causes of disability/death in the elderly. According to a report, there are more than 250,000 emergency hospitals admissions of elderly people (over the age of 65) based on falls This number is huge! Personal Safety Alarms can effectively help to lower down these numbers and fatality rates among the elderly by providing immediate medical attention.

In-Built Sensors

One of the most notable features of these personal safety alarms is their highly sensitive in-built sensors. Personal Safety Alarms for the Elderly come with highly sensitive, in-built sensors such as fall sensors. These sensors are designed to perform a certain set of actions like calling up for medical assistance, notifying the family members of the victim, etc. upon sensing a trigger. Reputed companies like SureSafe provide Fall Detection Alarms that detects falls and immediately calls for help.

GPS Enabled

Personal Alarms for the Elderly also come with the GPS technology. This element of personal safety alarms comes is handy, especially for elderly people with diseases like the Alzheimer’s and Dementia. GPS-enabled safety alarms allow the loved ones of an elderly to locate them in case of any emergencies. This feature can save many lives, ensure independence and mental peace in the lives of both family members and their elderly loved one.


In spite of high-tech functionalities of personal safety alarms for the elderly, they can easily be installed and used. The top-rated providers of Telecare Equipment such as SureSafe enclose a detailed user manual with detailed instructions on how to install and use their devices. Some of these safety alarms can even be worn as a pendant and easily be used to contact, in the times of emergency.

These are some of the uses of personal safety alarms that make them a must-have telecare equipment. To ensure a smooth experience with personal safety alarms, make sure to choose the right provider to buy them from. Check for user ratings and reviews on a product before buying it. The reputation of a provider play a major role and thus, choose a reputed provider like SureSafe to purchase your Personal Safety Alarms.

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