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3 Ways To Increase Productivity Within Your Team

You might have the brightest minds working for you, but you’ll only get the best out of them when they’re properly motivated. No matter what industry you’re in, here are some of the ways you can help increase productivity in your team.

Make sure they have the right equipment

When asked why they haven’t managed to reach their targets, one of the most common reasons that any employee will give is an issue with their equipment. Whether it’s the computer crashing, going slow or even losing some of their work, or physical tools like cement machines being temperamental or vacuum cleaners not being powerful enough, there are a lot of reasons why their tools of the trade might be slowing them down. While this might seem like an easy excuse to come up with, not having the right tools could really hamper the performance of any team. 

If you work in an office environment, not only is it important to make sure your colleagues have the basics like a computer, but it’s also important that you invest in any special software that would help them do their job. For example, if your team has to deal with multiple translations of a text, a Smartling translation management system would make it easier for them to stay organized and reduce the chance of any errors making it into the final product. With this software, your team only needs to upload a piece of work once, and then wait for the translator to check and edit that piece of work. This removes any needlessly long chains of emails and multiple versions of files being sent back and forth. 

Regularly track their progress

Once you’ve set your team a task to complete, it’s important to regularly monitor how close they are to reaching their target. If you simply wait until the deadline and they either haven’t completed the work in time or they haven’t reached their target, there is very little you can do about it. If you check in with them at regular intervals during the timeframe you have set for them to complete a task, you can intervene if enough work isn’t being done. As well as regularly scheduled meetings with the team to check up on their progress, make sure you regularly drop in with the team at short notice. This will make sure they’re working at full capacity all of the time and not only when they know the boss will be checking upon them. 

Share the rewards of success

One of the best motivations for your team to work hard is if they know they will see a difference if a project is completed successfully. For example, if your team manages to increase the profits of the company, it’s highly likely that they’ll never personally see any of that extra revenue. Make sure you share any success with your team, either in the form of a raise, a cash bonus or even a small present or reward if they complete a job to a high standard.

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