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Outstanding Offers – 3 Business Benefits of Furnished Executive Suites

Do you like your office space? Is it organized and roomy? If you answered no to either of these questions, you need to start investigating new office spaces. Your office is supposed to be your home away from home. It should be comfortable, expansive, and organized.

If you are working out of a cramped office that is disorganized and uncomfortable, your productivity is going to wane, and over time your clients will start to leave as they can see and sense the disorganization in your work life. What you need is a functioning, furnished office that you can step into and start working.

Keep reading to learn the top three business benefits of furnished executive suites.

Expansion and Growth

The number one business benefit of a furnished office including executive suites is the room for growth and development. Servcorp offers furnished executive suites, and by doing so, they are allowing you to save your hard-earned profits to put back into the business through marketing and other areas of growth.

A furnished office from Servcorp is a virtual office solution that allows you to pay as you go with the month-to-month leases. There is no signing of a two-year contract. You put down a minimum of a one-month security deposit, and a fully furnished office is waiting for you to start seeing clients in.

Furnishings are Already in Place

The next excellent business benefit of a furnished room is that fact that you do not have to furnish it yourself. There is no budgeting and planning to find office equipment that is on sale or worry that you cannot afford the monthly payment on the copy machine. By choosing to lease from Servcorp, you are accepting high-end furnishing and elegant touches.

If you had to furnish your whole office in a traditional style office space, you would not be choosing marble tiling, granite countertops, leather chairs, and sofas, or original artwork. You would select standard finishes and they would probably cost too much. The money you would be saving by going with a contract with Servcorp allows you to put that money to better use whether it is in marketing and advertising, or in a deal to land a client.

No Staff to Hire

The last advantage of a furnished executive suite is that you do not have to have staff. You do not have to have a team that can assist you with all your business endeavors, at least, not when you are a small business. The ability to save money by not hiring staff and paying wages and benefits could really work to your advantage as a small business owner.

Instead of staff, you would have hired through background checks and interviews, you will receive a dedicated receptionist that is knowledgeable, qualified, and ready to work for you.

He or she will be answering your local telephone calls as well greeting guests and prospective clients. They will offer unlimited coffee and tea to your patrons as they wait to meet with you. In addition, you will also receive a mail courier/package delivery person as well as a dedicated IT support team that is just a phone call away.

Finally, you will have onsite assistance from two Servcorp team members to assist you with any questions or concerns in your leased executive office.

Are Furnished Executive Suites Better than Traditional Office Spaces?

With a traditional office space, you get what you pay for. You sign a multi-year lease that does not include furnishings, office equipment, office supplies, staff, or IT support. You usually need to take out a business loan to help with overhead and expenses as well.

With a virtual office solution such as a furnished executive suite, you are given much more for a relatively small price to pay. Not only do you receive a furnished office, but you also enjoy other benefits such as a beautiful view from a five-star business location as well as state of the art and industry-leading technology!

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